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The Ten Best Beaches in Sydney

I have always preferred the reflection of the life to life itself.

— François Truffaut, born in 1932

As Laurence Olivier famously said to a strung-out Dustin Hoffman on the set of Marathon Man (after he’d stayed awake for 48 hours straight to simulate the torment of his character): “Why not try acting dear boy?”

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Evidence for the manufacture and use of fiber technology such as rope and twine is rare in the Paleolithic, despite the widely held view that such artifacts were in regular use during the Pleistocene. On the basis of the discovery of a more than 35,000-year-old perforated baton made from mammoth ivory at Hohle Fels Cave in Ach Valley of southwestern Germany together with experimental studies, we are now able to demonstrate one way people of the early Upper Paleolithic manufactured rope. This work contributes to our understanding of the evolution of technology, cooperative work, and Paleolithic social organization.

Rope making in the Aurignacian of Central Europe more than 35,000 years ago

The Ten Best Beaches in Sydney

Why “Dr. Strangelove,” At 60, Is Still The Greatest Of Movie Satires

"It hews so closely to the real-life absurdities of the Cold War, with two saber-rattling superpowers escalating an arms race that could only end in mutual annihilation. … Some of the best bits barely have to reach for a joke: Kubrick merely points out the folly behind modern man’s greatest fear." - The Guardian

Susannah Breslin: 19 Ways to Make Money as a Writer. “My consulting work as The Fixer is my highest-paid work. Typically my client is a CEO / founder / venture capitalist. They have a problem, and they hire me to fix it.”