Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Biden invested big in more tax audits. A new IRS analysis claims it’s working

 Biden invested big in more tax audits. A new IRS analysis claims it’s working. 

KPMG CEO Andrew Yates: The “Barnaby Joyce of Big Audit”

Consultancy firms divided on controversial tax scheme as ATO threatens action

NY Times: There’s A Tax Season Villain, And It’s Not The IRS

Gaza Is a Crime Scene Middle East Research and Information Project.

No more chocolate, coffee or wine? ‘Last supper’ shows stakes of climate crisis Guardian 

Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’ CNN

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WA Liberal senator and former defence minister Linda Reynolds to quit politics

 It was Matthias Coremann's secretary Rosemary Huxtable who ordered the department of parliamentary services to steam clean the Bruce Lehrmann rape scene in the lying cow Linda Reynold's office

Linda Reynolds was quick to issue a statement via her Lawyers and the Liberal Party’s propaganda arm, News Corp, admitting to the lie (15/8/23) but only after proof of Reynolds perjury was published on Twitter by Glen Schaefer who has been researching the issue. (Click here to see the Twitter thread outlining the evidence)

Did Senator Linda Reynolds’ perjury in the Bruce Lehrmann trial cost Brittany Higgins justice?

That’s not the web you’re browsing, Microsoft. That’s our data The Register

Mayor Adams Joins Police Raid, Seeking to Expose a Migrant Crime Ring New York Times