Thursday, February 08, 2024

Apple uses software to control how phones get fixed. Lawmakers are pushing back

Australian journalists abandon X in wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, survey shows

 Schumer: If We Don’t Aid Ukraine Then ‘We Could be Fighting in Eastern Europe’.

Forget tax cuts, fix NDIS or heads must roll

The budget hole from the NDIS is now so serious that hard, honest truths must be told and a big light shone on Bill Shorten, Jim Chalmers and Katy Gallagher.

Cushman & Wakefield snags former PwC partners for new advisory arm

The commercial real estate agency is seeking to tap demand for a range of consultancy services, especially in the growing world of urban regeneration work.

Tax Lawyer of Some Notoriety Is Again in the News

 I previously blogged on a tax lawyer, John Anthony Castro, a tax lawyer of some notoriety in the tax community. Repeat Tax Player and Republican Presidential Candidate Loses Unauthorized Return Information Disclosure Suit on Appeal (Federal Tax Procedure Blog 12/24/25), here. I noted in the blog that Castro was a Republican candidate for President; I reported on a Fifth Circuit disposition of a claim he made against the IRS and his candidacy for President.

Apple uses software to control how phones get fixed. Lawmakers are pushing back. Grist

German Police Secure $2 Billion In Bitcoin From Pirate Site Operators TorrentFreak

Musk’s $55 Billion Pay Package Voided, Threatening World’s Biggest Fortune Bloomberg


In a video announcing the interview, Carlson claimed "not a single Western journalist has bothered" to talk to Putin since Russia's conflict with Ukraine escalated in 2021.


Must We Limit the Wealthy’s Wealth?Counterpunch


Job Openings Rise in December But Quits Tell the Real Story Michael Shedlock

 ChatGPT is Leaking Passwords From Private Conversations of Its Users – Report ars technica. And you thought to trust a company that flagrantly steals intellectual property. 

UPS To Cut 12,000 Jobs, Invest In AI For Efficiency BBC

“The Spanish judge investigating Russian interference in the Catalonian independence process has extended the probe for another six months after receiving an anonymous letter containing an article that identifies the Russian who offered Catalonian separatists US$500 billion and a small army if they break away from Madrid.”  Link here.

“We’ve streamlined our recruiting process for new officers. It now takes a quarter of the time it took two years ago to move from application to final offer and security clearance. These improvements have contributed to a surge of interest in the CIA.”  Link here.