Friday, December 16, 2022

Trump of NFTs: Boss installed software from behind the Iron Curtain, techies ended up Putin things back together

 “Democracy is not an easy form of government, because it is never final; it is a living, changing organism, with a continuous shifting and adjusting of balance between individual freedom and general order.”

—Ilka Chase 

Annie Lennox via Young Sweet Dreams

Trump and NFTs: you could not make this up 🌹

Hard to believe he was ever president

A compliance manager who suggested the Department of Human Services declare a major response into Robodebt amid growing criticism  from tribunals and media has told a royal commission it made her boss "very angry". 

Boss installed software from behind the IronCurtain, techies ended up Putin things back together

Comrade offered 'monitoring' tool to keep an eye on the workers

Barack Obama takes on 'woke' call-out culture: 'That's not activism'

Michael Taylor smuggled Ghosn out of Japan ahead of his trial for financial crimes—then ended up in prison. Now, he wants about $3 million from the elusive corporate fugitive.

The Cost Of Over-Selling Products With Ideas

Rather than informing a population of philosophically fulfilled, elevated beings, the ubiquity of all this bite-sized meaning has had an adverse effect, fuelling our familiar, modern malaise of dissatisfaction, disconnection and burnout. - Psyche

Gut Bacteria Might Shape Social BehaviorSmithsonian

How’s the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce Rishi Sunak announced to claw back Covid cash lost to fraud doing? Well, it’s just announced it expects to make back half what it hoped - and less than a quarter of what’s gone missing. Full story in the brand new Eye

“Every year, The White Review asks friends and contributors what books they’ve enjoyed reading and rereading.” Please take some time to read this wide ranging, insightful group of recommendations, unlike other Best Books of the Year lists you may already have read.  

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Exclusive: Toxic culture has plunged the Bureau of Meteorology into chaos

Australia: a frontline state in the new Cold War

Outsourced IT providers to federal government agencies aren’t being measured on the extent to which they deliver services to expected cyber security standards, an audit has found.

The audit covering three agencies - the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - was published late on Wednesday. [pdf]

ATO, AFP and DFAT outsourced IT deals screened on security grounds