Saturday, December 24, 2022

4 Christmas Stories You’ve Probably Overlooked

Sometimes one word can recall a whole span of life.
— Edna O’Brien, born on this dare in 1934

All the Timeless Traditions of Slavic Christmas fish, potato and cabbage with saladka at Lidka’s and Christopher’s with Jacob and Alexander and families …   4 Christmas Stories You’ve Probably Overlooked

Street Christmas cheers 🍻

Christmas at Sea - Word & Song by Anthony Esolen

Founded by Welsh merchant David Jones in 1838, DJs has a longer history than many of the most revered retail brands in the world. It is older than Harrods and Selfridges in London, Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.
No other store like David Jones: How an Aussie retail icon became a Christmas bargain

Death, Consolation, and 'Life Goes On'.

… it is a point of phenomenology that love intends to reach the very haecceity and ipseity of the beloved: in loving someone we mean to  make contact with his or her unique thisness and selfhood. It is not a mere instance of lovable properties that love intends, but the very  being of the beloved. It is also true that this intending or meaning is in some cases fulfilled: we actually do sometimes make conscious contact with the haecceity and ipseity of the beloved. In the case of self love we not only intend, but arrive at, the very being of the beloved, not merely at the co-instantiation of a set of multiply instantiable lovable properties.  In the case of other love, there is the intention to reach the haecceity and ipseity of the beloved, but it is not clear how arriving at it is possible. 


       Antonín Bajaja (1942-2022) 

       Czech author Antonín Bajaja has passed away; see, for example, the report
       His prize-winning Burying the Season has been published in English by Jantar; see their publicity page
       See also the Dana Blatná Literary Agency author page and the CzechLit information page

Stolen Dresden diamonds from $120 million heist recovered in German police raid

"There is death and grief, and it's implicit in what dance is itself, here and gone — like a life." Jennifer Homans explains... dance  »

Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl’s incurable cancer BBC 

Scientists Discover 168 Mysterious Nazca Geoglyphs in The Desert Sands of PeruScienceAlert

The Wild Future of Artificial Intelligence Atlantic

The viral AI avatar app Lensa undressed me—without my consent MIT Technology Review

Isolation, loneliness, and a “friendship recession.” Robert Putnam was right to worry about the decline of social community putman  »

Best movies of 2022

The Lost Daughter, TV but still good, a movie of sorts, based on Ferrante.

Belle, spectacular Japanese anime.

Licorice Pizza, a good normal movie, captured California well.

Compartment Number Six, with a new meaning after the war of course.


Petit Maman, French, short, plays mind games with you, profound.

The Quiet Girl (Irish)

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Vesper, Lithuanian, dreamy, Tarkovsky influence but faster-paced, an underrated movie this year.

Tár, really quite good and interesting.

Decision to Leave, Korean crime drama with Hitchcockian twists and inspirations.

The Disciple

The Fabelmans, Ignore the cloying preview.

Saint Omer, French-Senegalese courtroom drama.

Clytaemnestra, Korean movie, one hour long.

EO, Polish movie about a donkey, better than you think.

Overall an abysmal year for Hollywood, a pretty good year for the movies. I haven’t yet seen Oppenheimer or Bardo, so their absence on the list should not be taken as a negative signal.