Monday, March 03, 2014

Tech Trends

In launching the Tech Trends 2014: Inspiring Disruption report, Deloitte managing partner, Technology Agenda, Robert Hillard, said the 10 topics selected had the opportunity to impact on organisations across industries and geographies over the next 18 to 24 months. “These 10 trends exemplify the unprecedented potential for emerging technologies to reshape how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve ...
The top 10 technology trends for 2014 include:
  1. CIO as venture capitalist – Trading on IT’s assets, talent risk and results
  2. Cognitive analytics – Wow me with blinding insights, HAL
  3. Industrialised crowdsourcing – Sometimes more is better
  4. Digital engagement – Context + content for marketing… and beyond
  5. Wearables – On-body computing devices are ready for business
  1. Technical debt reversal – Lowering the IT debt ceiling
  2. Social activation – From passive to active tense
  3. Cloud orchestration – From Cloud to Clouds (to core)
  4. In-memory revolution – An answer to Big Data
  5. Real-time DevOps – Empowering the business of IT.   Media dragon trends in MMXIV