Sunday, March 16, 2014

A year in Province of Matra

French might have started a great school at Maroubra, however, the country is also now giving us  Veolia a company that tells us that "toxic sludge is good for you" check out their latest proposal for Matraville residents. There will be  be lots of rubbish generated once government approves 20 story units to keep garbage trucks busy in Matraville ( see Veolia letter ) and the sacred land where First Fleet Landed...

Orica Toxic Site Exposed to extra abuse
20 Beauchamp Road
Matraville NSW 2036

The Veolia corporation was founded in 1853 in France as Compagnie Generale des Eaux (CGE). By the time the Vivendi corporation acquired the company in 1998, CGEwas one of the two largest water companies in the world. In 2002, after Vivendi sold its share in CGE, the company was renamed Veolia.
UK story Veolia fined over toxic fumes