Saturday, March 08, 2014

Many Happy Returns Malchkeon: Hunters&Collectors

I love you
 for giving your heart to me

and trusting me with your pride

I love you for wanting me

and needing me by your side

I love you
 for the emotions

I never knew i had

I love you
 for making me smile

whenever i was sad

I love you
 for your thoughts of me

where I'm always on your mind

I love you
 for finding that part of me

that i never thought I'd find

I love you
 for the way you are

and for how you make me feel

but most of all, I love you

because I know your mine for real


credit for the edit xx

Sydneyrellas music fans are voting with their feet, 
snapping up tickets to Day on the Green concert at Mudgee... 

Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour said the reunited band will recreate its trademark sound to please the one who must be obeyed ;-)

Hunters and Collectors even obeyed Kevin Jacobsen and supported Bruce Springsteen 
in Sydney few weeks ago...
Driving home from the airport late one Sunday, I heard a Triple M DJ back announce a Hunters and Collectors song. "That was the mighty Hunters … victims of their own legend!"
I spent the rest of the journey trying to figure out how Hunters and Collectors were victims. The fans didn't think so - none that I'd met anyway. Still, there was something in that phrase. What was that? I suspect it had something to do with the assumed pre-eminence of radio to make or break careers.
Mark Seymour - It is All About The Gig

The town is part of a very limited tour by the reunited Hunters and Collectors at Robert Oatley Vineyards - it should be noted that red wine fuelled event will also feature Aussie acts Something For Kate, Diesel and Malchkeon India (sic) Kollecting Memories with Sue & Phil

Happily, after they reunited for the first time in a decade to raise money for Black Saturday bushfire relief, it turned out that they still liked each other and the music enough to be touring again to help celebrate with Media Dragons a very special birthday ...Human Frailty at Mudgee

Hunters & Collectors. The name evokes pounding, industrial percussion; songs that grab the guts and twist; beer-soaked rapture at heaving pub gigs. And, unfortunately, practically every footy promo and highlights package of the past 15 years. Hunters & Collectors are an extraordinary band with a long and eventful history. The story isn't an easy one to tell, but the makers of this new documentary acquit themselves admirably. The Artist's Story: Hunters & Collectors

Australian anthems: Hunters and Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Malchkeon

Performed by Hunters and Collectors, it was voted in the top five on the Triple J Hottest 100 during the Velvet Revolution of 1989 and even when Sasha was born in 1990 ...
PS:link to the concert