Sunday, September 01, 2013

Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media Dragons, 2002 – 2013

I can’t raid my past for raw material because my past is so dull, so I have to make it all up.
-Jim Crace

Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media, 1991 – 2005
I just finished reading Spontaneous Mind, a book of interviews with Ginsberg. (From the sixties:”Be kind to cops; they’re not cops, they’re people in disguise who’ve been deceived by their own disguise.”)
Do you hate it when your friends, co-workers and office enemies become successful? Then be careful where you work. What outfits like PostBourgie have done—it is now too late to stop the Grape Drink Mafia!—is gather together a super-smart (or sometimes just super-aggressive) group of people that will go on to success and perhaps even dominance in media. (You could say something similar about n+1, but they're all basically unemployed novelists, and there weren't that many of them anyway. What about The New Inquiry? Well, only time will tell. Check back in later 2013.) s()x Degree I'd Separation

Who rules the language, rules the world. Orwell knew that - First the Saturday People,” runs an Islamic slogan, “then the Sunday People”: first we’ll deal with the Jews, then move on to the Christians.) Slogans

According to Residents of strong Snowtown and some legends who suggest that wisdom and humility go hand in hand. One cannot learn, they say, but by one’s own mistakes – and one cannot learn by one’s mistakes if one isn’t willing to listen when one’s mistakes are pointed out to one. You’re Only As Good As Your Last Prolonged Period Of Self-Loathing

“Sometimes, on darker days, it seems that my job as an editor comprises little more than hacking away at the Gormenghast-like tangle of poorly crafted words in order to admit sunlight for the few well-composed ones that are left,” Robinson wrote. “An editor friend told me she felt much of her working life had been spent 'spinning straw into brass.'" Admitting Sunlight