Saturday, September 07, 2013

Must We?

"Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy."
F. Scott Fitzgerald, notebook entry

Farewell, hatchet jobs. The literary world has become too small, too interconnected, too beleaguered for stinging reviews. What a shame... Cold River Warm Reviews
Are today’s writers biography-worthy? Orwell and Waugh, for instance, did things. Now writers get degrees and become professors The Rise and Fall of the Man of Letters
Orwell underestimated how bad it could get, according to Tom Engelhardt Not even the author of "1984" could have envisioned a world dominated by a single superpower

It reminded this viewer of a Tandberg cartoon after the 1984 election in which a beaming, champagne-quaffing Andrew Peacock is told: “Congratulations Andrew! They said you couldn't win and you didn't!” Election coverage a circus, with ringmaster Kerry O'Brien saving a surprise for the end
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“Too clever is dumb.”
― Ogden Nash