Friday, September 27, 2013

Digital Crowns

In the immortal words of James Burnham, "If there's no alternative, there's no problem."

This short essay describes the mechanisms by which cryptocurrencies—a subcategory of virtual currencies—could replace tax havens as the weapon-of-choice for tax-evaders Digital Crowns

You’ve no doubt all heard the story from PWC of the Australian King of the Cross, Abel Safron and Al Capone, the notorious American mob personality that was finally caught because of tax evasion. He coined the audacious statement, "the government can’t collect taxes on illegal money." And whether you’re involved in organized crime or not, there’s nothing surprising about cheating on your taxes. If you’ve ever worked a job that’s mostly tip-based, for example, you’ve probably done it. But you’d better believe that some of the richest and most ethically turned people have been caught red-handed cheating on their taxes. And here they are. 10 Most Surprising People Caught Cheating On Their Taxes

Law School in Six Words

HemingwayInspired by the tale that Ernest Hemingway won a bet that he couldn't write a story in six words by scribbling on a napkin:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog recounts Marquette Legal Writing Professor Lisa Mazzie's challenge to her students to describe law school in six words. My favorites:
For sale: law degree, no promises.
1L: scared; 2L: burnt; 3L: done.
Law school: my personal debt crisis.
Don’t outsource, let our lawyers work.
"But I’m tenured!’ the professor replied.
My professor is rich. I'm not.