Thursday, June 07, 2012

World here we come

To win in the Age of Now you need to unleash the unreasonable power of creativity. It's no longer about coming up with the 'big idea' – creative leaders need to go for lots of small ideas continuously. Call it what you will but tinkering, brainstorming and problem-solving all play a vital role in driving success... In Praise of Tinkering

Age of Now World, here we come

David Simon of Simon Property received a pay package worth more than $137 million for last year, and the typical CEO took home $9.6 million, according to an analysis by The Associated Press."

"Top U.S. public companies made only modest increases to CEO pay levels in 2011, despite strong company profitability, according to results from The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group 2011 CEO Compensation Study released [May 21, 2012]. The Wall Street Journal partnered with Hay Group for the fifth year on its annual study, which examined how large company CEOs were compensated across all forms of pay in fiscal year 2011.

Top CEO pay equals 3,489 years for typical worker ; A quirk of fate can mean the difference between a life of freedom and the chance to acquire prosperity and a life of misery and subjugation. We are all boat people [Far too often a major communication gap exists between a company's risk management program and their human resources department. This lack of communication means that most companies are failing to effectively monitor their human-capital risks Capital risk management: taking on human ; Apple also contemplated illegally dividing the digital content world with Amazon, allowing each to ‘own the category’ of its choice — audio/video to Apple and e-books to Amazon Fifty Speeds of Cold River - The margins are low and there is almost no flow ]

• · Birth of a Book & End of Sookie Stackhouse: Top Stories of the Week; The biggest beneficiaries from the retail renaissance will be large international banks

• · · I may or may not post tomorrow 10 Writing Tips from a Real-Life Editor ; They say that anything worth doing is worth doing badly. This is as true of filmmaking as it is of anything, and it's the final thing that I'd say to a Christian who wants to be the next Spielberg or Soderberg. If you want to make films, then make films. Make them badly. Make them with iPhones and flip cameras, edit them on a laptop or in a computer lab at your middle school. Make lots of them and don't worry about whether or not they're good until you've made 10 or 20. Even then, don't worry when they're bad. Look for the things you've done well and figure out how to apply those lessons to the entire next project. Create Culture, Not Subculture

• · · · Vladimir Nabakov needed his pencils sharpened just so - 'The sun loosed its summer light.... a liquid so rich I wanted to eat it, store it, make honey of it for when winter came'. What it takes to get writers writing;. One of our core philosophies ... was that it wasn't about the bank telling customers what they wanted- it was about the customers being able to tell us,” Ms Collins said. The bank has achieved this through enabling users to place feedback and encouraging them to vote on current projects, as well as submit ideas for new developments Lightweight enters mobile banking game

• · · · · Democratic governments are all about collective action ; Charting the new globe-trotting science of moviemaking How to Make a Hollywood Hit

• · · · · · One of Google’s top requests from their users is the ability to roam the vast Australian continent. Unfortunately, the remoteness of the outback has posed a challenge for our traditional Street View cars and trikes One of Google’s top requests ; New Research: Consumers Trust Online Reviews more than any other Media This research shows that 70% of consumers trust online reviews - placing this form of media ahead of newpaper articles (58%), company websites (58%), television ads (47%), radio ads (42%) and online banner ads (33%) explosion of word-of-mouth