Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Exclusive Scoop - Loch Ness Monster Sealed in Sydney

It is as rare as seeing the Loch Ness monster, but a seal has been sighted in the Cooks River and on Saturday at McKenzie Beach next the glamorous Tammarama beach. We are seeing more and more seals in and around Sydney’s Harbour, bays and tributaries and so we can expect to see more of this as their populations increase Cool Seal seen swimming in Cold River ; You might have thought it was too cold for a snooze on the beach this morning, but this little dude, or dudette, begged to differ. Several Gerringong residents embarking on an early morning walk along Werri Beach got a big surprise when they discovered a seal, believed to be a sub-Antarctic fur seal, occupying a patch of sand. A rare sighting of a fur seal frolicking in sand

The Bondi To Bronte Beach Coastal Walk is one of the most beautiful walks in the world - and it's right on your doorstep here in Sydney! On Saturday anyone walking past Mekenzie Beach stopped to eyeball one cool fur seal hugging the rocks ;-)

PS After a good swim at the iceberg on Saturday - temperature was 19 degree seeing a seal and reading the Guardian on a sunny morning odd sense of existentialism was in the air:

When Sam Frears was born, he was expected to reach five. His 40th birthday was the best night of his life Sam Frears walks into the Trojka Russian Tea Rooms in Regent's Park Road, north London, on the arm of my friend, who has recently introduced us. This morning we're having breakfast together for the first time. Sam is 40 years old, but looks younger. His hair is thick brown, his face reminiscent of black-and-white photos from the 1970s. One eye seems partially closed behind his dark-rimmed glasses. Sam Frears, son of the film director Stephen Frears and literary editor Mary-Kay Wilmers, has the rare degenerative condition familial dysautonomia

"Well, well, old men must die, or the world would grow mouldy, would only breed the past again."
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Becket