Saturday, June 09, 2012

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?

A great library always remind me of the stratifications of a coal mine - full of fossils, tracks and stories. It's the herbarium of feelings and passions, the jar in which the dried-up fragments of all human societies are stored..。 ..a library is not necessarily made up of books that we've read, or even that we will eventually read. They should be books that we can read. Or that we may read. Even if we never do.' -So, The Name of the Rose...tell me.

Czech (or sikh) out this online tool to calculate your worth to Facebook: at today's market price, I am supposedly worth $1,537 to Facebook ($1,876 if I start playing Zynga games). As the saying goes, If you're not paying for something, then you're not the customer—you're the product being sold. Facebook IPO, Your Brain and its Data Are Worth $91.44 to Mark Zuckerberg:
Now that the dust has settled and Facebook has traded on NASDAQ for a day, it’s possible to gauge more precisely than ever before how much the company is worth, and with that number, how much of its value derives from its relationship with each of the 900 million people who visit the site on a regular basis, gaze at and click on its ads, and feed its databases with some of their most private bits of informationm How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?

Working the network A manager's guide for using twitter in government

Government organizations that have not yet established a Twitter account can use this guide to learn the steps that they need to take to get up and running.

For more advanced users, this guide offers advice on how to reap greater benefits from Twitter—including how to use it for analytics and how to take the next step and use the data to increase the scope of an organization’s Twitter network.

Picture tells a thousand stories ; The first map of the Australian ‘Twittersphere’ has been generated by researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI). With as many as two million Australians now using Twitter to exchange news, views and information, the internet phenomenon has become a focal element in the nation’s social discourse Twittersphere ; [Government needs people who can approach problems in new and innovative ways and anticipate future possibilities Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American PeopleStrategy - The Digital Government Strategy complements several initiatives aimed at building a 21st century government that works better Through IT Reform ; Federal Shared Services Strategy ]

• · Legislative History Research: A Basic Guide "This report provides an overview of federal legislative history research, the legislative process, and where to find congressional documents. The report also summarizes some of the reasons researchers are interested in legislative history, briefly describes the actions a piece of legislation might undergo during the legislative process, and provides a list of easily accessible print and electronic resources." ; We've recently been experimenting with a new modern look for Scholar search results. Many of you have already tried the new look and have offered valuable suggestions, which we've done our best to incorporate. Google Scholar Blog

• · · impartial public administration and management performance at risk This article examines the phenomenon of increased political pressures on governments in four Westminster systems (Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand) derived from changes in mass media and communications, increased transparency, expanded audit, increased competition in the political marketplace, and political polarization in the electorate. These pressures raise the risk to impartial public administration and management performance to the extent that governments integrate governance and campaigning, allow political staff to be a separate force in governance, politicize top public service posts, and expect public servants to be promiscuously partisan New political governance in westminster systems; 'Organised crime is an insidious presence in Australia. It costs our economy over $15 billion a yea a major crackdown on organised ; From Fingerprints to DNA: Biometric Data Collection in U.S. Immigrant Communities and Beyond

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• · · · · One in five Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) staff had experienced bullying. Australia's Parliament House has a "toxic" culture in which staff are regularly bullied and cronyism is common, an inquiry has heard. ; The New Bullying - News, Resources, Legislation and Updates from Michigan Journalism Project Follow up to previous postings on bullying, see The New Bullying: "This project on bullying was launched by an advanced journalism class at Michigan State University in January, 2012, the month after Michigan passed anti-bullying legislation. The class is developing this website and a book ; The New Bullying

• · · · · · An employee of HM Revenue and Customs was arrested today by detectives investigating corrupt payments to public officials The 50-year-old man was held on suspicion of misconduct in a public office by officers from Operation Elveden. Scotland Yard said a 43-year-old woman was also arrested at the address in north west London. HMRC man arrested in corrupt payments probe ; Here are five common mistakes made by email managers, and how to avoid them by developing and implementing your own action plan How to avoid 5 common email management mistakes