Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking at the long term picture of Real Estae Market in Sydney one is reminded of the stock market adage that share prices go up the stairs and down the elevator. Sydney's high anxiety - I've learned that new economic thinking means reading old books Old Economic Thinking Is New, or Is It that New Economic Thinking Is Old?

Kevin recently posted on how storytelling wins in the Oscars aftermath of The King's Speech. That ever-stimulating ideas probe Big Think recently zapped out a nice case. Peter Guber tells a story of How Nelson Mandela Leveraged the Power of Storytelling. Here’s the start of Guber’s story: “Nelson Mandela had just been released from Robben Island in South Africa. And suddenly out of nowhere I, as the then CEO of Sony, got a call in the big boardroom: How Nelson Mandela Leveraged the Power of Storytelling.

I never criticised Russia or SovietUnion‎ Cybercriminals Target Russian News and Online Blogging Sites
Websites are targeted to gain unauthorized access to confidential information, disrupt services or lodge protest against information provided on those sites. The attack was first directed on the blog of a well-known anti-corruption campaigner on LiveJournal

Both the sites offer platform for expression of alternative opinions on crucial issues. The attacks on these sites assume significance as the elections for 'State Duma', the Lower house of the Russian Parliament are scheduled to be held at the end of the year. DDoS attacks on business websites may severely impact their productivity and result in losses. Administrators must regularly monitor the traffic to identify unusual activity. They may also configure data traffic limits. Professionals qualified in IT masters degree may help in implementing proper monitoring mechanisms and regular evaluation of networks for threat vectors. Organizations must have robust IT security policy in place. Regulations only provide for the minimum security requirements. Therefore, IT security must not be viewed as only a compliance activity. Organizations must be proactive in identification and mitigation of security flaws. IT security apparatus must be regularly evaluated and modernized in tune with changes in threat scenario.

Blogging it off [ Google Cyber attack freezes paper ; Modern technology is often blamed for homogenising our ever-shrinking world, particularly when it comes to traditional local cultures and customs. Micro-blogging in a mother tongue on Slavic Twitter]
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