Friday, July 10, 2009

If you would be happy consider not what you want, but rather what you want to give.
- Happy Birthday Christopher and Lidia ... the luckiest couple I have ever known ;-)

Fear fades when facts are faced.
-Frank Tyger

Darkest movies we have seen in the last few weeks…Directed by Kriv Stenders, (Boxing Day, Blacktown) Lucky Country is a period western in which Aden Young stars as Nat, a small landholder barely hanging on to his patch of the bush. His daughter Sarah is just old enough to see herself as a woman, his son Tom just old enough to judge his father as a man. When three ex-soldiers arrive amidst rumours of gold, the group begins to turn on each other, and the cabin becomes a battleground. Not So Lucky
Based on the novel by the Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee, 'Disgrace' is a tale of race, class, sex and a strange man in a strange land. Certainly, in Disgrace, John Malkovich gives an extraordinary performance because he's modelled himself on Coetzee… he looks like him, speaks like him Dark method actor Malkovich shines in Disgrace

What's Right and Wrong with Media Dragons Now Echos of Fears
Hitchcock said something to the effect that a confused audience was an unmoved one. I believe the same applies to the public. Without understanding how companies are exploiting the tax system, it is difficult to be motivated about it.

Even if they only knew her through a blog. The opinions expressed are solely the writer's. Carrie Steinweg, the mother of five, lives in Lansing …

Mourning an incredible mom ; [The human inclination toward the unique, creative, and individual was underlined by a recent Harvard and Arizona University study on musical inspiration. While the study focused on musicians, it has important insights on how to unleash and inspire any team Musical Inspiration ; Hearing of my newfound love for the Kindle, I was sent a website called Smell of Books. The site purports to be a source for aerosol fragrances that you can scent your e-books with for that old book mustiness or new book tang. It's not the best gag in the world, but it did start me thinking… Smell of Books ]
• · Like most things on the Internet, there?s a good side and a dark side to where the media business is headed. What's Right and Wrong with Media Now ; Blogs on water; For Europeans, it will be a lot harder to stop immigration from Muslim lands than it was to initiate immigration flows in the first place...
immigration flows
• · The idea of a “fairy tale.” It is as thorny and hard to penetrate, says Jennifer Howard, as the hedge that surrounds the enchanted princess’s castle in Sleeping Beauty... What does not change is the magic hold fairy tales have over us. Children are born with fairy tales," Zipes says. "It's the only genre that stays with us our entire lives. Fairy tale ; New Media award from the Guild of Food Writers Word of Mouth blog
• · · • · · · · · Seriously now, lard is good for you. After years in the shadow of cholesterol worries, it turns out that lard is not as unhealthy as you thought... Seriously now, lard is good for you. ; Do great cooks memorize countless recipes? No. They have a grasp of basic ingredients and the ratios of ingredients that make great food...Recipes