Thursday, July 16, 2009

I believe that there is a fine line between freedom and authority and that we need both to maintain a reasonable society.
To much freedom brings chaos.
To much authority brings rebellion.
I say we need both and go back to the Greek city-states.

Nature is far harsher than the market: If you are not sustainable, you die. No second chances and no bailouts. Diversify across generations Nature’s 10 Simple Rules: Part

Let's throw caution to the wind ... but at what cost? Social Media and New Roles For Employees
Sadly this week Mr Greig Tillotson, NSW Parliamentary Librarian, announced his retirement. There are many Tears for Greig and David Clune at Macquarie Street. The global financial catastrophe has hit parliaments, families, and individuals. The crisis at library world is, in a word, complicated. The library has gone through a very difficult time in the last year and its two senior managers, David Clune and Greig Tillotson, have played a key role in ensuring that those difficulties have not disrupted our work. As a member of the Library Committee I saw this first-hand. I congratulate both of them on recently passing an important milestone 30 years of service as members of the library staff. {They are both much, much younger than me and much more intelligent than any of us …}

Regardless of your job title, social media allows you to help your organisation and get a little career protection for yourself. Governments and public services around the world are grappling with very complex issues. Looking for better and more innovative ways to perform our traditional public service role of providing policy advice to the Government. We need to be able to design smarter policy so that the policy instruments used, including regulation, information strategies, voluntarism, and the range of economic instruments, more effectively change the behaviour of those we seek to influence.need to work increasingly with others...the active participation of citizens, the third sector, business and local community groups.improving policy design in this environment of increasing complexity and interconnectedness."

• The train leaves from all platforms Social Media and New Roles For Employees ; [Just Czech with the one who must be obeyed the Shaw and unShaw creatures of the working world: We're trusted to do our own deals on groceries, but not on wages and conditions. We can be adult everywhere but the workplace; From a campaign that began almost four years ago to the day, Australian workers are set to have greater protection for their jobs, their conditions and their workplace rights. Employees enter a new era of rights; Executive power: unicameral parliaments cannot rely on watchdogs alone to guard against corruption Democracy has long odds in a stacked house ]
• · Why We Need Economics to Make Policy: An Introduction on How Not to Kill People. A citizen who casts his ballot without having to the best of his abilities studied as much economics as he can fails in his civic duties. Those fighting for free enterprise and free competition do not defend the interests of those rich today. They want a free hand left to unknown men who will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and whose ingenuity will make the life of coming generations more agreeable. They want the way left open to further economic improvements. They are the spokesmen of progress Free enterprise and free competition ; BARACK Obama's favourite television program is The Wire. The HBO series' title refers to electronic surveillance, a tool of law enforcement growing in favour not just in the US. In 2007-08, law enforcement agencies in Australia sought 3254 warrants for telephone intercepts. Ten years earlier the figure was 675 ; If any good has come out of Utegate, it brought into question the integrity and efficacy of adversarial politics. Of integrity, adversarial politics and a fake email
• · IN ITS obsession with property prices and housing affordability, Melbourne and Sydney have overlooked a startling fact: the cities are awash with empty buildings. They are Toorak's ghost mansions: grand houses that have sat unoccupied behind chained gates and boarded-up windows for years, even decades. Melbourne tycoon David Yu ; The number of unoccupied residential dwellings in Sydney counted by census workers in 2006 was 122,211 ; The number was up from 97,889 a decade ago. It begs analysis ; Map the number of empty buildings Daniel Cox Bubblepedia
• · · What image libraries like Getty and Corbis have done for still photography, YouTube and the proliferation of video sources have done for moving image. The spoils of tomorrow will go to the brands that take action to deepen emotional bonds with consumers today Roaring sounds; No one in their right mind would suggest that an economic collapse was just what we needed, but sometimes, tough times do throw up opportunities we don’t hear when the bulls are roaring. Opportunity knocks
• · · · Allowing commercial banks to create our money inevitably causes frequent booms and busts. Money from nothing: supplying money should be a public service; I did not mean to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative – John Stuart Mill Why Tax Havens Are Bad;
• · · · · Two months ago G20 leaders pledged a crackdown on tax havens in response to the global financial crisis. But how much has changed? Global; The plans of a Swiss canton to attract the super-rich by offering them the chance to buy property in exclusive, previously out of bounds locations has sparked a political row and accusations that the country is encouraging apartheid of the rich and poor.Swiss offer millionaires a haven away from the poor
• · · · · · We have just been sent a most useful document: a really clear explanation of two highly important tax issues: transfer pricing and outward domestication. It's called Tricky Tax: Two Tax Avoidance Schemes Explained. The author has sent us these words to accompany it Alfred Hitchcock and Tricky Tax ; Offshore companies are exploiting their tax advantage, attracting capital to acquire U.S companies Supports bill to stop foreign insurers from avoiding US taxes