Friday, March 13, 2009

It is Black Friday, however, Mal and I have a colourful Autumn planned ahead ;-) Gabbie and Dhillon colourful birds created as sweet omen for us ...

Carved between sand, rock, and sea, Jervis Bay is simply the most beautiful spots in the world and definitely a place to find peace … In an age when coastal villages come more and more to resemble one other, Currarong remains a delightful eccentric, determined to preserve its unique character. The answer to soulful holliday lies deep in the value equation, in shifting from price to priceless. Currarong is a quiet coastal village located 33 km south-east of Nowra at the northern end of the rugged Beecroft Peninsula. The town boasts almost as many tractors as permanent residents. The shops provide take away foods and basic groceries and the bowling club has a restaurant and regular entertainment. Picnic grounds are located adjacent to the main beach near the shops. Abrahams Bosom is a safe sheltered beach which has picnic grounds with wood BBQs at either end. Sue and Gill have a lovely story on the wall of their beach shack about the paradise called Abraham Bosom ... A variety of walks start at from this sheltered cove ranging from the 500-meter stroll to the wreck of the SS Merimbula to the half-day Coomb's walk (try not to slip down the gravel path ... The Beecroft lighthouse and the cliffs of the peninsular are spectacular …

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High on top of the curious landmark is the Zac's place with a waiter who knows more about crosswords than any of the customers. Zac's place offers fresh local seafood, dine-in or take away

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I couldn't resist putting a link to Kevin again as he has had a 40 year love affair with Rolling Stone and it's great mix of mystery, sensuality and intimacy. Like a Rolling Stone

Anatomy of aE Train Wreck A Modest Proposal to Recoup Homeowner-Bailout Money
President Obama proposes bailing out select homeowners by lowering their interest payments, cutting their rates to as low as 2 percent for at least five years, with the federal government helping lenders absorb some of the loss. To keep the homeowner bailout from becoming an outright giveaway, Independent Institute Research Fellow Stan J. Liebowitz offers a novel idea: make homeowners repay any bailout money they receive:

Specifically, I propose that bailed-out homeowners, for the rest of their lives, give up 80 percent of future capital gains from the sale of their homes until the government gift is paid back. They would be required to pay back only 80 percent of each capital gain to give them an incentive to keep their homes in good shape and sell them at the highest price.... The money [from the capital gain] would be split by the original lenders and the Treasury, based on their share of the [mortgage] modification reduction.
Liebowitz states that his plan is not perfect but argues that it would discourage speculators and non-needy homeowners from seeking a bailout. It would also prevent homeowner assistance from becoming a giveaway. No-strings-attached gifts are a bad idea for the economy and should not be given to homeowners any more than to corporations

Should Bailed-Out Homeowners be Required to Pay Restitution? ; [Causes of the Mortgage Meltdown; The issue of huge payments to CEOs has finally reached crisis proportions. Commonsense fairness - CEO pay ]
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