Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life flows better with great coffee and if you cannot drink the black gold brewed by Richard Calabro of Grind Espresso of CroNulla then consider going to the bible belt of Belrose where Scottie Callaghan shows you the way to the secrets of Italian culture. So never drink a bad cup of coffee ever again! This three hour Italian coffee course will ensure that you learn the finer art of coffee making in a relaxed, yet expert environment. Whether your weakness is latte, cappuccino or espresso, you’ll learn how to make the perfect cup every time! Start your Saturday at Belrose as they do in Italy and join us for a leisurely Italian breakfast of coffee and pastries as you learn the art of Italian espresso! Next, it’s time to taste some coffee blends, where you’ll be taught to distinguish the differences between northern and southern Italian style blends. You’ll also be shown how to get a perfect result from the Italian moka pot as well as a plunger. Your coffee expert will then show you step-by-step, exactly how to use the Italian-invented espresso machine and how to correctly foam milk. After the overview from your expert coffee maker, it’s time to spend 30 - 45 minutes on the coffee machines (both commercial and domestic) to make your own perfect cappuccino, latte or whatever takes your fancy! By the end of the 3 hour coffee course, you’ll become a true Italian espresso expert with a renewed appreciation for the humble cup of coffee! Espresso Company Australia 3/2 Niangala Close BELROSE NSW 2085

When things are not going well, until you get the truth out on the table, no matter how ugly Seeing Double
There is something about storytelling that attracts 'How-To' lists. A while back I posted a list by movie producer Peter Guber, and now I want to share some insight from the master of story, David Mamet who gives some great advice on what makes a successful scene

People read for all sorts of reasons. Some novels are just rollicking good stories and others hold deeper lessons. A novel can be an enjoyable read and also expand the mind.Fiction gives us an understanding of the motivations of people that is unmatched by any other art form. And that, of course is the beauty of fiction: it exposes every situation imaginable. Fiction provides a window into the human heart and human mind.We all live one life, but readers can live thousands of lives. Novels can open the mind. Researchers have argued that people who read novels and who have to think about the connection between a character's thoughts and their actions are better at social interaction. Children who read novels are developing their imagination, and therefore their ability to "think outside the square" and solve problems. And works of fiction can contain more specific, powerful messages. Fiction can move us to tears or laughter or it can move us to great deeds. George Orwell's masterpieces, 1984 and Animal Farm, did more to expose the general populace to the dangers of totalitarian rule than all the pontificating of democratic politicians put together. These books became "must reads" for anyone interested in life under dictatorships. Novels can be powerful weapons in social struggles.

• Chris Bowen is the federal Assistant Treasurer and member for Prospect. Fiction nurtures the soul - a must even for pollies ; [Telling the perfect tale; David Cameron has been transformed into a flesh and blood representative of the people by the sad death of his son. The politics of empathy: David Cameron and Ivan’s death ]
• · In the age of the 'war on terror' censorship in Hollywood works by omission and 'introspective dross'. Hollywood's new censors;
• · Carved between sand, rock, and sea, Rio is simply the most beautiful city in the world and definitely one of my favorites. So Many A Second; Anyone who works with me knows that I often communicate in the form of handwritten notes on typed memos. That contrast of handwriting and typed text has a freshness and immediacy I don't get in email. The spirit of the pen
• · · Why is the artistic imagination treated as a thing of angry suspicion and distaste by some people and with awe by others? Manifesto for the imagination; The desire for FREE on the Internet is a huge challenge to anyone who produces digital entertainment. I think that emerging from the torrent of files that are being forwarded from computer to computer, is a word that will have a terrific impact on our future. Sharing …
• · · · LinkedIn etiquette: five dos and don'ts / Facebook etiquette: five dos and don'ts Two articles with tips on better management of your social networking; The proposed internet filtering system currently being tested is fast becoming a disaster for this government. Internet: don’t link, don’t leak
• · · · · The myth of Gen Y being lazy, pampered beasts unwilling to move out of home denies the fundamental economic reality Generation Y, the economy and the media; The problem of worsening violence in public places is an international phenomenon and there are no quick fixes The new nightlife: less like Paris, more like the Somme’