Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Experts worry that Australia, which emits more carbon dioxide per head than any nation on earth, may also be the first to implode under the impact of climate change. Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in

Be Different: STAND OUT In Campaign Wars, Apple Still Has Microsoft’s Number
Winning the Dream On the Mac’s silver anniversary, we look at where it’s been—and where it’s headed next…

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Apple hurled a legendary marketing sledgehammer at I.B.M. personal computers that ran Microsoft software. During the 1984 Super Bowl, Apple ran a television ad that depicted those machines as instruments of Big Brotherish conformity. The ad was shown just once, but people still talk about it.

Apple ads Strike; [Working on a Dream. Nothing memorable can be written without the writer taking some kind of risk – Media Dragon type risks between the lines and coded We call these people the CRAZY ONES; What makes some objects Apples and others not? The Macintosh computer just turned 25. I bought one of the original 128K Macs not long after they came out. I remember being reluctation to shell out $50 for a box of 10 400k floppy disks (these were the the 3.5″ type that weren’t actually floppy, and became standard on IBM PCs quite a few years later). I thought I was unlikely ever to need 4 megabytes of storage, so I got the store to sell me what was left in a box they’d already opened. And I was pretty dubious that anyone could really use the 512K of RAM offered in w the top-of-the-line “Fat Mac” which came out soon afterwards. It didn’t take me long to discover my error and upgrade. Great Mac: Credit where credit's due ]
• · Could the story of Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar be part of yet another infinite spectrum of reoccuring themes the illuminati are feeding us?
- Both Caesar and Jesus start their rising careers in neighboring states in the north: Gallia and Galilee.
- Both have to cross a fateful river: the Rubicon and the Jordan. Once across the rivers, they both come across a patron/rival: Pompeius and John the Baptist, and their first followers: Antonius and Curio on the one hand and Peter and Andrew on the other. Both are continually on the move, finally arriving at the capital, Rome and Jerusalem, Sydney; Justice Michael Kirby: unimpeachable in office, a public intellectual with influence and a private citizen who is an adornment to the great egalitarian ethos of Australia. Farewell to an Honourable Jurist
• · The human race is in a mess because we make wild guesses and claim them to be true: we eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The price of judgment; There's always been a tension between love and hate. A tension that romantic drama, for example, thrives on. It worked in Pride and Prejudice, and works still. Science is now discovering that the distance between love and hate may not be as big as we have always imagined Love and Hate
• · · Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), seminar papers, 4 December 2008. This seminar, held in the Parliamentary Theatre, Parliament House, introduced web managers and IT professionals from local, state and federal government agencies to new web technologies and highlighted some of the interesting uses of Web 2.0 being employed by government. Web 2-0 in government ; These trials will inform future policy development in the area of online consultation and improve the processes for e-democracy in Australia.' Senator Conroy will today launch the first trial consultation, a blog canvassing the future of Australia's digital economy. the potential of digital innovation.exploring Web 2.0 technologies Rudd Government trial for e-democracy future; Online consultation
• · · · The purpose of this circular is [to] provide a set of interim protocols to agencies that are using or planning to use online media, including blogs, as a means of communication with clients and stakeholders. These protocols focus on the application of the APS Values and the APS Code of Conduct in online communication Interim protocols for online media participation - circular ; Analysts say big changes are coming to the CRM (customer relationship management) application market this year, with significant financial, strategic and technical implications for customers. In terms of CRM product functionality, look for last year's trend toward "social CRM" -- marked by collaboration tools like wikis and blogs within the CRM experience -- to morph into "cloud CRM," wherein CRM applications connect to external social-networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as other Web sources.[or] introducing a product for content management.
Social networking ROI pricing among '09 CRM trends
• · · · · Entering what looks to be a trying 2009, IT resources will be limited and business pressures higher. But that doesn't mean withdrawal or going into reactive mode. In tough times, being clear on IT and technical priorities is even more important, as everything that is done is more critical. The top tech resolutions for 2009,; From iPod and BlackBerry to Twitter and Wikipedia, take a look at the processes and people who came up with the names for these iconic tech products. How 10 famous technology products got their dragon like names
• · · · · · Taking a page from the updated whitehouse.gov web site, the federal government has gone Web 2.0 with is own site. The General Service Administration (GSA) announced that it has delivered on a promise to use Web 2.0 technology to provide electronic access to government information. The USA.gov web site now is offering a government-wide news feed service RSS and a gallery of gadget applications Federal government has gone Web 2.0 with is own site ; US Feds' web site gets Web 2-0 make over ; Australian National Audit Office objective was to assess how well agencies manage their websites. Particular attention was given to the audited agencies' website purposes, risk management and planning, policies, content management procedures, and performance monitoring and reporting (PDF) Government agencies' management of their websites