Friday, January 18, 2008

Of course, there’s no equating the artistic talents of teens and the middle aged. Still the spectrum is filled with possibilities … First my daughter Gabriella started to engage her artistic flair on the web and now my mate from the village of Longueville also rebbubles his photographic imaginations. I love the way John put it: Vibrant middle aged male trying to get in contact with his right side brain. Generally clueless ;-)

Turning 50: The price is right to rock back the clock Men behaving badly
I’m a little slow on the uptake about my awareness of noteworthy 2008 dates. On 19 January 2008 AD in The Sydney Morning Herald Susan Wyndham wrote: Turning 50 can be the start of your most powerful decade with a good mix of energy, experience and authority. It's time to let the real you emerge.

But as this writer notes it's not necessarily a turn for the worse: For my 40th birthday, many people came up to console me that at least I wasn't turning 50. At 47, AARP started mailing notices to my house inviting me to join up.
I’m also not overly concerned about my impending journey into deeper middle age and turning 50, so, the recent realization that this milestone in my life also occurs on Easter Sunday (I was born on a Sunday also) is kind of cool. Although I’m no longer a practicing Catholic, I find it comforting to think that I may be starting a new life with this odd coincedence.

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