Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've always preferred prognostication to nostalgia: The Shortest 2008 Trend Prediction Ever... Personality Matters!

My former boss, Dr Russell Cope, who is known for his insight and concerns about libraries is reviewing a book by Alan Bundy on Australian Libraries Cradle to grave ; Around Malabar a stonethrow away from Dr Cope Cafes like Lighthearted (where Ruby’s friend used to live, on the corner of the lovely and wide Anzac Parade at Malabar also Matter Next best Coffee after the Lighthearted Café is the Café on the Bay

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We wonder if the officials behind this policy have ever tried to repair a bad credit report — an experience that rivals Dante’s “Inferno.” Check it out

It turns out the library can do more than just shush you. If you accumulate enough unpaid late fees, some New York libraries are ready to hit you where it really hurts: your credit score. They have reported millions of dollars in such bad debts. Most people make good before their creditworthiness is damaged. But there is something chilling in this kind of threat from a library.

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