Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My cousin Andrej Imrich was 60 this week and there is a lovely description of the village where my father and Andrej were born - Little Monastery on the Poprad River
Pilhov is more of a hamlet than a city. It is today incorporated into the nearby village of Mnisek nad Popradom (= Little Monastery on the Poprad River), which is right where the Poprad flows north across the border with Poland. This is in northeastern Slovakia, about 20 miles east of the High Tatra Mountains, in the region former called Spis County.

Imrich is the Slovak version of a firstname (Czech: Emerich), originally from the German Emmerich. There was an early Hungarian prince, Imre (the Magyar version of the name), who became a saint soon after the Magyars became Christians, so the name was always popular throughout the old Kingdom of Hungary. The Italian version of the name, Amerigo, led to the name for America.
Pilhov; Andrej Imrich