Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Write true. Write on … On a freezing day in Sydney, you can see your emotion from … the land of Forever. Our Homesickness! that long
exposed weariness! It's all the same to me now where I am altogether lonely
Somehow we are not allowed to enter the same cold river twice, and perhaps we can never quite go home. If you insist, all kind of treachery may await you. Yes, we all know that and most of us know better than to try reclaiming what seems lost forever. What has set Australia apart from the rest of the world, what once made it the stuff of fairy-tales for many prospective migrants, is growing harder and harder to find and to hang on to …This makes me feel unaccountably shy, but I've, errr, been lucky to get the Media Dragon millions of click-through traffic thanks to Six Degree of separation inside the solstice ;-) National Necessities: Death and Taxes and Trouble of Cold River

Deron Doulas gives independent publishers a voice and support in an industry dominated by large publishers. He is the right person for the time in creating a global literary vision. Deron Douglas, of DDP Publishing

In Sydney artistic talent emerges in all kinds of places Czech out cellists curated by Nadya Neklioudova who is based at Darling Harbour in Sydney Galleries: Vencent Ko artwork

Rhythm, half-rhyme, cadence, stirring imagery, metaphor Torn between two lovers, in life and art: MD can never have enough creative friends. Can We?
Sydney writes itself off

Cowering in our McMansions, huddled around our fridge magnets
Today, we don't need sticks and shadows. Instead, we have watches 'First we rode on the sheep's back, then we 'industrialised', then we diversified into services (which seemed smart at the time). But does the phrase 'The world's quarry' ring a bell?'

Slavic Bells; [ The Great American Pitchfest is like speed dating for the Hollywood business crowd. It’s where writers with ideas meet people with resources and an impressive number of love affairs have blossomed. “For many writers, gaining access to industry insiders is very difficult, even if they live right in Los Angeles,” explains Bob Schultz, a Pitchfest organizer. “As the only pitching event created by screenwriters for screenwriters, we take tremendous pride in opening those doors for aspiring writers.” Film Fuss: You have a lot of work ahead of you; Inspirational Owners: June 2007]
• · The San Diego Union Tribune will be the latest newspaper to "adjust the way we're presenting book coverage," according to senior editor, special sections Chris Lavin. Those changes "will both improve and broaden our coverage of books," Lavin insists, though agent Sandy Dijkstra has circulated an e-mail warning that the paper is turning its Sunday book review section into two pages within the entertainment section after June 24 ad will cut reviews by half. Lavin says that information "is not complete or accurate" and indicates the changes will be announced to readers within the paper Another book review section to fold?; MySpace, Sony To Launch Classic TV
• · Adventures in old-time bookselling - If I can prove to a publisher that a 1,000-square-foot bookstore in a suburb of Boston can presell an entire print run before it's released, then maybe American publishers will take a second look Store Pre-Sells Local Author's Novel ; Legendary Writer Retires: Dillard’s Done; How to kill a book, in 3 easy steps
• · · Last week a new book was published about Brian Clough called Provided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough by Duncan Hamilton…this book goes places no other sports book has ever been. It describes a huge personality, a man with god given gifts and a man flawed in every way… Remember Brian Clough; ACTOR and director Richard E.Grant is happy to enunciate what he believes others think of him. His memoir about the fraught production of his directing debut, the very autobiographical Wah-Wah, is not quite literature. Wah Wah
• · · · 77 William used to be nightclub I loved ... The Italians are passionate people. You can feel it in their stare, hear it in their voice and taste it. Founding a dynasty of restaurateurs is enough of a legacy in itself, but Mario Percuoco has a greater claim to fame: he was the man who transformed Sydney's attitude to antipasto. Corado and Salvadore might dispute that claim as it was their father who taught Mario how to make it at 77 William Street. Corado tells me that Leo Schofield , nephew of George Dorman, of SMH review fame made his father’s restaurant Arrivederci popular …. Mr Percuoco knew at least 500 permutations of antipasto, such as eggplant parmigiana, minted zucchini, roast capsicum with anchovies, onion frittata and octopus in lemon juice. In 1973, he introduced a giant antipasto table at Arrivederci in William Street, East Sydney, then at La Zagara in Norton Street, Leichhardt. Pioneer of Italian restaurants always upped the antipasto ; Grab an outdoor stool at Bar Luigi Coluzzi in Darlinghurst as it celebrates 1957-2007 golden anniversary My morning Coffee Buzz
• · · · · Evening Buzz on Library Thing; China buys Google ;-)
• · · · · · Body found at Darling Harbour ING of Mysterious Affair ; Crystallized experience John Prine WAR CHEST: Mountains of cash continue to roll in to managed funds