Monday, June 18, 2007

Our expectations of technology are borne out of Cold War spin.
The community-building projects of the digital world are celebrated for the abundance they make it possible to access and share; but what if the culture of a community only arises from jointly endured constraints?

Ivory Towers
T he internet disorganizes information for you, so you can organize it for yourself — alone or with friends. That is the distilled essence of David Weinberger’s theory about how we create meaning and understanding for ourselves in these times …

From the Journal of Public Deliberation, Alison Kadlec and Will Friedman (Public Agenda): Deliberative Democracy and the Problem of Power; David M. Ryfe (Nevada): Toward a Sociology of Deliberation; Peter Levine (Maryland) Rose Marie Nierras (Sussex): Activists’ Views of Deliberation; Renée A. Daugherty and Sue E. Williams (OSU): Applications of Public Deliberation: Themes Emerging from Twelve Personal Experiences Emanating from National Issues Forums Training

Wisdom to Governance; [The network society may ultimately lead to information overload, triviality, and loneliness Lost in Space; It's better in the flesh]
• · Law enforcement cannot stop spam with periodic high-profile busts, or with sentences greater than those received by rapists or murderers. Unfortunately, there's no quick fix, and we should search for something other than these symbolic incarcerations. Free the Spam King!; Internet spammers are creative, but so are the people devoted to catching them Scamming the Spammers: ; New Skype package threatens telcos Skype offers cheap-as-chips local calls
• ·Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder. Weinberger was also a co-author of the notorious boom-era best seller, The Cluetrain Manifesto How the Internet Disorganizes Everything; Despite its robust appearance, more than 10 percent of the internet flickers out like a candle every day, according to researchers who unveiled on Wednesday an experimental tool that probes the network's dark places. Researchers Chart Internet's 'Black Holes'
• · · An employee who scrupulously followed the company's own ethics guidelines may find herself out of a job Wal-Mart's Latest Ethics Controversy
• · · · Webbys for lonelygirl15 YouTube Oscars of the Internet ;
• · · · · To speak behind others' back is a ventilation of the heart. The mythical bohemian, liberated both from the workaday world and bourgeois sexual hang-ups, is a seductive myth we have bought into as whole-heartedly as we have that of romantic love Single Life: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness; It's time to talk about the birds and the bees. It Takes One To Tango