Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hunger is the Best Cook!

We'll need all hands on deck and the cook...

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!
-Mother Jones and Double Dragon (Iron Curtain is the best motivator!)

Words can never describe the intimate atmosphere at the Sydney Writers Festival - how can the setting of azure harbour, warf, word loving bunch match anything as powerful as this ... The German and Canadian publishers Double Dragons who came and spoke at the festival loved it. Phillip Jones even took a leaf out of Cold River ;-) Luis Garcia made a great impact with his story ...

The New York Times asked a handful of writers what books they’ve enjoyed most over the last few months, and why. Their choices are idiosyncratic and instructive. From Salon, from the pursuit of a lost Shakespeare manuscript to a chilling tale of missing sisters, these recommendations will add sizzle to your beach book list; and Opus Day: An interview with Berkeley Breathed, Salon's new Sunday cartoonist. The Skim Trade: At New York's BookExpo, the literary event of a lunchtime. In Praise Of The Small Press: There are numerous other small presses out there. Check them out - you might discover a gem of your own. Flitting across the harbour and transforming the dreams

Words among words Roads To Reality
A Polish man has woken up from a 19-year coma to find the Communist party no longer in power and food no longer rationed It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Iron Curtain Crossers know why and how to let the light of the candles you light up overcome the darkness, it is too easy and too convenient to curse the darkness while paying lip sympathy that something should be done …

It may be an odd thing to do, but whenever I’m in another country, I always go to as many bookstores as I can, even when the language is Greek to me. I love seeing the differences in how books are made and promoted, the variations in cover designs and trim sizes and colors. Although I realize I’m looking through rose-colored glasses, there seems inevitably to be a cheeriness in window displays and a pleasant languor in browsing that, at least on the surface, are lacking at home. In the process of visiting sundry foreign bookstores, some places have become like old friends to drop in on when I’m in town. In Berlin, one particular acquaintance I feel I know intimately.

Fall of communists; [ Imagine what the Pole would feel in Sydney BookshopsAuf Readersehen; If a stranger in a drugstore aisle recommends a particular brand of toothpaste to you, or if you happen to see it mentioned on a blog, don't be surprised. Word-of-mouth promotion, also called viral advertising, has become a multimillion-dollar industry in the past few years. State-of-the-Art Ads Are Increasingly One-to-One ]
• · Shelve the stereotype of the red sports car, trophy wife and toupee - few men will experience a "midlife crisis" in these terms. Midlife crisis a myth for most men; Dr David Clune and Gareth Griffith - From the outset, the NSW Freedom of Information Act 1989 has been subject to amendment and criticism. While its introduction was accompanied by high expectations about improved democratic accountability, for many its actual operation has proved inadequate. Gareth Griffith surveys the major issues in FOI debate, along with the recent developments in this area of the law, in terms of legislative reform and the relevant case law. Freedom of information
• · · After the release of Google's street-level image service, privacy concerns rear up. Smile, it's Google's candid camera ;
• · · · Coke to give away 2 Billion Free iTunes Tracks ; Reminds me of my time in Q'land - ERINA FAIR is full of people, but few are shopping. The sprawling complex is a meeting place for Central Coast locals with nowhere else to go. In the morning, it is pensioners and the aged; in the afternoon and at night, it is bored teenagers. In the aisles of the time rich - Erina Fair is full of people, but few are shopping.
• · · · · This case depicts an executive who, through an online search, discovers information about a job candidate that causes him concern about her qualifications. The reader considers issues such as the legal implications of Internet searching practices, the veracity of information found online, and the wisdom of expecting job candidates to have spotless online reputations. We Googled You ; Growing Up in Public Like It or Not, New Generation's Public Disclosures Are the Wave of the Future on the Internet