Thursday, April 19, 2007

Like a good boy I have been reading attentively to the insightful posts and comments from our blogging community ... In turn, I’d like to toss out a question to try to stimulate some dialogue and probing across our areas of collective and individual expertise. What do you believe will turn out to be the most powerful theme in the year of James Bond 007? Code of Ethics or Code of Malice? Who is the king or Queen?
They are the new online gurus and dragons, search engine specialists able to earn $500,000, including bonuses, in the fast-growing internet marketing sector. The combined impact of attention to detail in posting generation and publishing, plus Search Engine Optimisation finesse on the page production It's a bit of an arms and media dragon race … If content's king, links are queen.

It has been the most extraordinary rise and rise of Media Dragons ;-) and it happened while you probably weren't even looking. I'm also approaching a personal milestone this year -- my first (virgin) film script .. . I keep waiting to feel like a bohemian blogger who gets artistically freaked out, or . . . something. Blogging is especially powerful because few of us are paid for our words, there-- so we're writing about the things that matter to us, whether that's our dog (lost Lillie) or our not so secret film script or our politics ... To the average Joe, blogs aren't cutting it

When American technology expert Kathy Sierra received anonymous death threats via her blog (, she deleted them. But when vile Photoshopped images (eg her head next to a noose) appeared on two other sites, and her address and social security number were posted online, she became so afraid that she cancelled an appearance at a conference and is reconsidering her choice of career. Tech commentator and blogger Robert Scoble has his reservations about the current draft of O'Reilly's code. On his blog Scoble says : "If I have a problem with something you wrote on your blog, I think we should play it out in public. If I'm wrong, that will be part of the public record." Can an online code of conduct stop bullies

This is my site and I couldn't care less how anyone else thinks it should be run Link Kings net rich pickings: A Hardheaded Look At The Blogger Code Of Conduct
Is there such a thing as too much information? is this the future?

One of my favorite bloggers, John Scalzi, takes a hardheaded look at the proposed blogger code of conduct, and has a common-sense response: He hates the code, but says bloggers need to take responsibility for their blogs, and understand that it's not a violation of free speech to delete offensive comments and ban the authors from coming back. He's right -- free speech can only survive in a civilized environment, when people start throwing around personal attacks and violent threats, then discussion is at a close. The Blogger code -- can people at least be polite?

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• · It seems we cannot get enough of ordinary yarns from ordinary media dragons. It has been the most extraordinary rise, and it happened while you probably weren't even looking There are 70 million stories out there and this is just one of them; s Josh Wolf, the guy released from prison last week where he spent 7 1/2 months for refusing to hand over a 2005 protest video, really a journalist? Josh Wolf: Blogger activist or journalist?; To be honest, I couldn’t really give two-thirds of a flying fig what some snot-nose faceless interdork assumes about me and my life/family/s-xual persuasion. Take your blogging code and animate it!
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• · · · This question is like a fine line running down a 12 lane highway, hardly distinguishable. My interpretation of a blogger has always been someone who has their own web page that consistently produces a product geared to a particular subject or subjects. What’s A Blogger And What’s A Columnist; This neighborhood blogger endeavor is grounded in the spirit of building a sense of community and giving voice to the people in Central Florida. These blogs are written by your neighbors -- folks who want to better the communities in which they live. So consider joining the discussion! So you want to be a neighborhood blogger? ; 'State Of The Blogosphere' Is Small, Fractured?
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