Sunday, April 22, 2007

It was the bussiest weekends of all, even my film scripting partner in crime was too busy this weekend to toil over the images and ideas … In Czech we say: the best things come in the end !!! Is there anything more important to be preserved than the world’s memory? Hardly anything if we want to maintain our human existence on the Earth. Everybody has the right to share the memory of the world: it’s his or her memory, too. That is not enough to preserve and digitize more and more books from our ancient times, but we have to do much more for their better understanding. The idea of getting blogs and Media Dragons high ranking with Google is one of the ways how to do it. Remember the Saturday night fever when Evan’s friend Heinz Schweers excelled himself at Seymour Theatre performing The Curious Pain of Louis XIX – with Under the Table Productions had taken a leaf out of chapter (Chapter TWO to be exact) of Cold River. We still managed to swim at Bronte and taste the great French food at Pause. Sydney is getting more and more colourful and risqué … Amazing gathering at Zoe’s HEARTY birthday party on Friday at Bronte a gathering peppered with bohemian souls such as German film producers, Mixed Identities from Old Shores, and Brissie born animators who called George Miller the BOSS (rather than Doctor) and not just of Happy Feet but also Creative Feet … These are the Unsung Heroes whose names may never be in lights; nevertheless their quiet dignity shines through, affirming the resilience of the human spirit. These are the artists who share everything! Reel Tropical Bohemian Shots and Frames – Real or Note this site could Not Be More Different
Everyone is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Australian drama Miller, and his feet, happy to get degree
How did you sit next to Craig Reucassel for 30 minutes without turning into a giggling schoolgirl/sexual predator? The Chaser boys are hot property. In more ways than one Ladies prefer to chase satirists: The Chaser's War On Everything sexiest series of all
THE Federal Government will come to the aid of filmmakers in the budget with tax rebates worth as much as 40 per cent of production costs Tax carrot to get torrid film cameras rolling

Secrets and Suppressed Truth Of Dangerous Proportions Whispering from Oneofakind! Cold River
The polls were right: the first round of France's presidential election came out just as they said. Centre-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is on top with 31.1%; Socialist Segolene Royal was a respectable second with 25.8%. French voters must now choose between them in the second round on 6 May.

The seven powers, Knowledge@Wharton, 1 March 2007, 4p. “[Hans Christian] Andersen used to say that fairy tales are written so that children can go to sleep, but also so that adults can wake up.” That’s why Alex Rovira, professor at ESADE [business school in Spain] decided that his latest book on management would be a fairy tale, rather than a mere explanation of his theories about management. In little more than two months, ‘The Seven Powers’ has become one of the best-selling non-fiction books in Spain, much like the author’s previous book, “Good Luck,” which was translated into more than 30 languages. On this occasion, Rovira has chosen the typical characters of a medieval story to explain the seven fundamental values that define a good leader: courage, responsibility, purpose, humility, confidence, love and cooperation.

Seven of Seven Powers …Grab your bone saw, scalpel, electrodes, and jumper cables. It's time to spawn your own media monster. "Creating a Media Dragon and Political Monster ; [There's great demand for an elite corps of highly skilled, professional travel writers...a pool of travel writing specialists that can be relied on to write vivid, lively and interesting articles. Perfect Pitch: An interview with Katharine Sands … Where do I find all the time for not reading so many books? --Karl Kraus ; Screenwriting competitions are a way of getting your name and work out there Where You Going with That Script in your Hand?]
• · Interview by Amy Brozio-Andrews; Elsewhere in the world of book reviews in change, blogger Mark Sarvas resumes his close examination of the revamped weekly section from the LA Times. We were pretty sure the net result would not be more space for book coverage. Sadly, we were right.... But we were, finally, disappointed at how poorly thought out the web component of this enterprise appears to be. Now, it's early in the game, and this is a bit like hitting a new restaurant during its first week of operation. But, as we're about to see, a few key things suggest that the Times editors still don't quite get what the web can do for them. Elegant Variation
• · Sunday Times columnist and founding editor of British Elle, Sally Brampton's SHOOT THE DAMN DOG: A Survivor's Guide to Depression, an affecting memoir and practical guide to the debilitating illness which swamped the author's life for years unbeknownst to many of those around her, for present and past sufferers and their friends and families alike - Imrich …. You Are Not! Really brave ... or really stupid: THE ART OF LOOSING MONEY ; Wordsmiths Books owner Zachary Steele posted on his store blog, explaining "how invaluable she has been over the years in fostering a sense of passion and enthusiasm for books that you do not typically see in metropolitan presses." He too urges an active response from readers: "This isn't the ranting of a concerned independent bookstore owner. It is a call to arms. It is time that the AJC recognize the importance of the literary world and its impact on the culture it breeds in Atlanta." Atlanta Journal-Constitution eliminated their book editor position in a recent reorganization
• · · So far in DigitaLit we've experienced a few new-media moments, including a young adult novelist who would rather publish on her blog than in print, and a huge online archive of audio files that break individual poems recorded at poetry readings into small MP3s, kind of like pop singles. Getting a handle on just what is e-literature ; As Crikey wrote last Friday, even the most casual reader of Australian newspaper websites will have noticed the explosion of blogs as online editors embrace connectivity and bleed their staff writers white. The growth has been almost viral. Blogwatch: The media dragons that ate News Limited
• · · · Dangerous Encounters Editor's Desk: One story ends while another is about to begin; There is no shortage of literature on what people think the Antichrist will look like and be like. For example, handsome and charismatic, because he charms ... Comes a Horseman and Dragon
• · · · · LibreDigital as their technology partner and have begun digitizing a variety of books from their catalog and has enabled the 'Look Inside' application on the Internet Empowering a new generation of online media dragons; LibreDigital
• · · · · · Award-winning novelist Yann Martel isn't starting a book club to rival Oprah Winfrey … No, Mr. Martel will be content if he attracts just one follower: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Smallest Book Club: Upset with the level of arts funding, Mr. Martel plans to send Mr. Harper a book every two weeks as long as he is prime minister ; Trying to sell a black comedy about the neuroses of a French king is an ambitious venture The Curious Pain of Louis XIV