Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Check this out: amazing! It took just a brief sentence, and after those four words a revolution followed. The first entry on Scripting News effectively ushered in the first blog 10 years ago … Search for COCA-COLA on YouTube and literally hundreds of video clips about or featuring Coca-Cola appear ...

L ess and less time for blogging as I try to catch up with Lea who is visiting from France; Vienna and Monaco based James Cumes who is invading Sydney with Kim and all the wonderful friends like June and Richard; Steve and Wendy or Marion and Gerd … There is a new baby in a family over this Easter Ellie Claire so June is now great grandmother and Janette is the grandmother … Henry at Christopher and Lidka’s place also provided much entertainment …

I had a chance to look at this great site on search engines …

Decade of Blogging Media Dragons now five to ten year olds …
The Internet is mostly tax free, but now we must pay the Black Hat Tax, Auren Hoffman:
Most consumer Internet sites today have an inherent tax of about 25% on them due to scamming, phishing, hacking, and government requests. That 25% is based on time and mind-share. And the 25% is only going to get worse. This is troubling.

What started as a hobby has affected the evolution of the internet … The word "blog" was not coined until two years later, but over the past week bloggers have gathered around the web to celebrate this ad-hoc anniversary.
Try to imagine the breadth of changes they brought to the web. Blogging has gone from an unnamed, or even nebulous, concept to helping form a nascent community, and then to the fundamental evolution of the social web.
The hobby started to become increasingly popular thanks to the Blogger.com website, founded in 1999, gaining further momentum after the September 11, 2001, attacks. We're seeing about 120,000 new weblogs being created worldwide each day, said Dave Sifry, chief executive of the blog monitoring site Technorati. That's about 1.4 blogs created every second

Try to imagine the breadth of changes they brought to the Media Dragons; [ Blogs turn 10; Many bloggers and journalists alike are busy debating the “death” of newspapers and the online evolution that media organizations of all kinds are being forced to consider … BUT Independent: just another word for ’wrong’]
• · John Laws ... made his views about the PM and Alan Jones known on air. Referring to Chris Master's biography on Jones, Jonestown, Laws said: Read the book Prime Minister. It's very easy to pander to prejudice. Many of the most dangerous people the world has ever known did just that. ; The Black Hat
• · I heard someone say that an intelligence analyst's job is like watching 100 channels of TV at a time, looking for the right information. If we can tell them what channel to tune to, we'd be doing our job. Channels
• · · Link dedicated to Dr Cope as the greatest librarians in the world … who has a knack for books and stories Library Hotels