Friday, March 09, 2007

In 10 days time is St Jozef's Day
Modesty is the art of drawing attention to whatever it is you are being humble about.

PAIN and suffering are the bread and butter of most sole survivors but Jozef Imrich insists his book Cold River is a celebration of happy times … CREATING MYSELF: How I Learned That Risk taking comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Packages, Including Me, his coming of age memoir, from his troubled-filled youth to his inspirational turnaround in exile ;-) Risk: what does it mean to you?
Join the riskiest quotes of all times ... Quote the worst line – and win tickets to Laugharne

Can we change the heart of politics? Tear Down Fake Walls
Time assistant managing editor Romesh Ratnesar's TEAR DOWN THIS WALL: A City, A President and the Speech That Ended the Cold War, the history and legacy of President Ronald Reagan's iconic (and initially underappreciated) 1987 speech in West Berlin, which helped bring an end to the Cold War, as told through interviews with many of those who both helped create and shape the speech as well as those who witnessed it firsthand, to Alice Mayhew at Simon & Schuster, on an exclusive submission, by David Halpern at The Robbins Office (NA). Mixed Emotions

Packer or Imrich familes are to celebrate weddings in Sydney ... Details of the hush-hush wedding have been leaked and contradict widespread rumours suggesting the weddings was to be held in Prague! or Paris! Sydney on 7 September 2007

YouTube playing starring role in presidential race ...
It is guerrilla politics at its cleverest: The mysterious Internet video that compares US presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Big Brother is the boffo hit of the YouTube Web site. Classic YouTube

Aha - 1 Political Pioneering Clinton
2 - Edwards

3 - He really is the real Bumma - Obama