Monday, November 13, 2023

Power Corrupts but Sunlight Disinfects

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Aussies urged to wear masks in lead-up to Christmas as Covid cases the nightmare of Tackage  spread doseases

There you go. Long Covid is marked by T cell aging (senescence) and exhaustion, something Racaniello, Altmann, Rajkumar, Carlos Del Rio, and others said I was incorrect for saying

REVEALED: The companies that pay the most - and least - tax in Australia

OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY: Power Corrupts but Sunlight Disinfects

One reason it’s useful to study history is that it teaches you to spot patterns. You come to understand certain regularities in how human societies operate and how improvements in social conditions occur (or are thwarted). Seeing what has come before trains you for present-day struggles. So, for instance: when you see how propaganda campaigns against Social Security and Medicare worked in the 1940s and 1960s, you can see their echoes in present-day fearmongering about Medicare For All. And when you see how tobacco companies downplayed the risks of smoking, you understand the playbook used by the contemporary fossil fuel industry to cover up the harms of its products. 

Books To Help Us Understand The World?Aurelien, Trying to Understand the World