Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hockey & Babbage

Interesting  revelations are included in a new biography of Joe Hockey - Hockey: Not Your Average Joe - to be released next week, and it shows the carefully managed veneer of unity that binds the Abbott cabinet. The biography - which Hockey cooperated on - traces his background as the son of a Bondi beauty queen and a Palestinian Armenian migrant who had grown up in a war zone. 
Debuting on the federal political stage at the age of 29, Hockey’s failures and triumphs are chronicled, along with the discussions that went on behind the scenes leading up to the budget, and the Treasurer’s lifelong battle with his weight Antipodean Politics MXIV AD

Eric Bana is in Deliver Us From Evil
Sarchie’s story asks the audience to take an enormous leap of faith, to believe that a ‘‘portal’’ to a realm of pure evil could exist, could be opened up through satanic possession, and could be closed down again by the rites of a Catholic exorcism

From MH 370 tragedy to MH17 disaster