Saturday, July 05, 2014

Extraordinary Age

1989 really did mark the end of ideology. Students can no longer comprehend fascism or fathom the allure of communism. This is a mixed blessing... Velvet Revolutions (Soviet unions secret erotica )

The art of the epigraph

The publication of Ulysses was a victory for linguistic freedom and sexual candor. Now anything goes, and not much matters. Literature lacks urgency... Fastest running Streams

Life at 60. Some thoughts on lights and mirrors (avoid them), health (“looms like a threatening monsoon”), and the stupidity of “60 is the new 40”... Life Begins @Sixty

At first under the pseudonym Septimus, then often while hung over, the young journalist Gabriel García Márquez showed a flair for narrative and a taste for the bizarre... Bohemians

Orwell at the ends of the earth. To finish Nineteen Eighty-Four, the writer moved to a desolate Scottish island. He slept with a gun under his bed...Some of us know the feeling ...