Friday, June 20, 2014

Yardstick of history : ALP Malchkeon and Media 143829 ...

“A fool lifts up his voice with laughter, but a wise man scarcely smiles a little.”
"Ha Ha - Imrich 7:7"

All afternoon the leaves have scuttled
Across the sidewalk and driveway, clicking their clattery claws.
And now the evening is over us,
Small slices of silence
       running under a dark rain,
Wrapped in a larger.

Thornton Wilder’s Stage Manager observes in Our Town:
Y’know—Babylon once had two million people in it, and all we know about ‘em is the names of the kings and some copies of wheat contracts…and contracts for the sale of slaves. Yet every night all those families sat down to supper, and the father came home from his work, and the smoke went up the chimney,—same as here. And even in Greece and Rome, all we know about the real life of the people is what we can piece together out of the joking poems and the comedies they wrote for the theatre back then.
So I’m going to have a copy of this play put in the cornerstone and the people a thousand years from now’ll know a few simple facts about us—more than the Treaty of Versailles and the Lindbergh flight. 

 Jean Rhys, Elizabeth Bishop, Marguerite Duras: How is it that these women, so very bad at living, were so very good at writing about it? Best revenge in life is living well ...

Sir Walter Scott popularized the clan tartan; Madonna the kaffiyeh. When is it OK to steal from other cultures?... Stealing Stories