Friday, June 13, 2014

Web of Debt

The web site contains details of a ‘proof of concept’ study of the Jubilee idea done by Professor Anthony Evans and his colleagues at The ESCP Europe Business School. The study used up to date figures from the IMF and the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) to see what would happen if Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Britain, France, and Germany simply cross cancelled all the foreign debt they owed each other – a Sovereign debt jubilee.  How to destroy the web of debt

In her new book, A Fighting Chance, Elizabeth Warren spent a little time explaining how Wall Street tried sabotaging her campaign for Senate. Scott Brown was their boy and they shoveled more money into his campaign than any campaign in the country. He was the #1 recipient of their political contributions. And they did all they could to demonize Elizabeth Warren and her pro-working families message-- something they have continued without pause
Wall & Washington

No one has reason to accept a scheme of cooperation that places their lives under the control of others, that deprives them of meaningful political participation, that deprives their children of the opportunity to qualify for better jobs, and that deprives them of a share in the wealth they help to produce.
T.M. Scanlon has a brief TED essay sharing some contractualist objections to inequality
Social media has been privatised. 
Why do we treat it as a public space. Social media companies like Twitter and Facebook have essentially erected new borders where such borders did not exist before