Saturday, February 22, 2014

Retaining Wall and Existentialism

Whats news? In the medieval world, it consisted of a little truth and a lot of rumor and misunderstanding. It is to that world that we’re returning...Jay Rosen

Rudeness has always been on the rise, it seems. True or not, our interest in the unacceptable behavior of others is as old as society itself... Disclosure information unit of Kafkaesque proportions #failed escapee

Loathe the selfie? Don’t blame the Kardashians. Its roots originate in the 19th century, with silk-waistcoated Parisian dandies... I'm rich ... Of selfies

A sunset, a painting, a person: What do we mean when we call something beautiful? That we’ve been struck by an odd combination of anguish and delight ... High Tatra Mountains

Lane Cooper brooked no nonsense. He lived his life – and ran his Cornell classroom – by a favorite maxim: Read aloud, read slowly, read suspiciously... What do human creatures want? Fame? Wealth? Happiness?

Ava Gardner and Barbara Stanwyck were tough, talented, and certain that fame is fleeting. “Movie stars write their books,” said Gardner, “then they are forgotten, and then they die”... Fame