Friday, February 07, 2014

Hero Librarians

“The only end of writing is to enable the readers better to enjoy life, or better to endure it..
Shakespeare may get all the love on the modern stage, but some librarians are obtaining a share of the limelight in cyberspace.

The late Philip Larkin was the Librarian of the University of Hull in England. I learned of this only long after I had discovered the Philip Larkin that matters, not the one who located books but the one who located words, fastened them together in lines of verse, unfastened them and then refastened them, burnished them, made adjustments so fine that no eye but his could have seen the need, and finally published them between two covers as books that will still be here when no one on earth knows or cares that he was once the Librarian of Hull.” 

Yes, this is real – and Snicket (children’s author Daniel Handler) is funding it himself. Why? “Because librarians have suffered enough.”

There is also an obituary by Peter Clayton and an “Appreciation” by Russell Cope of Dr Peter Biskup, once editor of AARL and scholar, librarian and gentleman

Government publications in Australia;: Papers on their use and understanding

“Public libraries circulated 2.46 billion materials last year, the greatest volume in 10 years. Over this same period, the circulation of children’s book and materials increased by more than 28 percent. Attendance at library-hosted programs for kids hit 60.5 million in 2013.”
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