Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Web of Curiosity

The Internet has revived the dream of access to all knowledge. The dream is naïve. The Internet has not liberated curiosity, but bent it to corporate profit...Tree of ignorance

Meaning in verse comes in two kinds: that which is immediately discernible and that which is not, but then explodes. Gerard Manley Hopkins believed in both... Searching for dual meanings and loyalties

“Art breathes from containment and suffocates from freedom,” said Leonardo. Skeptical? Consider Marianne Moore’s appallingly circumscribed life... Lessons unlearned 

SCARED public servants are being granted anonymity and silent phone numbers to stop angry Australians abusing them on social media PS and new social media implications Another case where truth prevails is worth noting Tribunal upholds sacking for false bullying claim

Performance management is a one-on-one process between manager and staff member to overcome poor performance, non-compliance with workplace policies or unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Employees are monitored as they work towards agreed goals and indicators, including regular “performance discussions”, but critics argue that the process amounts to “glorified bullying”. Aspects of performance