Friday, December 06, 2013

Pavilion of Patterns

Via Tash who knows a lot About St Mikulas aka Nikolas on 6 December ...

I Love Bondi, but I live in Rose Bay ... Why? It's my husband's fault, let's just call him The Bondi Curmudgeon. After eight years living in Bondi he gave me a ultimatum. It was either him or Bondi. He won (by the thinnest of margins), and I followed him into 18 months of exile, 78km from Bondi Pavilion. The commute wore out his patience faster than a trip up Bondi Road in peak hour, and he agreed we could live anywhere in Sydney. Except Bondi. My crafty solution is Rose Bay, less than 5kms away from the Bondi Pavilion. Bay of preferences

The government's behavioural insights team, known as the nudge unit, is at the forefront of global efforts to apply lessons from the behavioural sciences to public policy. What the insights show is that when governments better understand the way citizens think, the more effective they can be when encouraging us to act in the public interest. Turning Nudge Theories