Thursday, October 25, 2012

Golden Caves of Pech Merle & The Black Wine of Cahors

You could hardly visit Cahors without seeing the city’s trademark image: the Valentré Bridge. A unique example of medieval defense, it has three towers. The bridge is located at the northwest corner of downtown. Don’t forget to look for the devil statue atop one of the towers... At midnight We grab a baguette and a bottle of water and Czech out the circus

Pech Merle is a cave which opens onto a hillside at Cabrerets in the Lot département of the Midi-Pyrénées region in France, about 35 minutes by road east of Cahors? It is the home of one of the few prehistoric cave painting sites in France which remain open to the general public. Extending for more than a mile from the entrance are caverns the walls of which are painted with dramatic murals dating from the Gravettian culture (some 25,000 years B.C.) Some of the paintings and engravings, however, could date from the later Magdalenian era (16,000 years B.C.) The number of visitors is limited to 25 persons and there were only seven of us as it was out of season Last treat before we head for Milan via Laon

Amazing Grace surrounds the place called Laon ...