Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mistral of Reims: Marie Cecile - Lea and Kulture of Koronation

Coronation City, Champagne town... Reims, one of the main gastronomic centres of France is eager to show you the legacy of its glorious past and to lead you into a prestigious realm of the most celebrated and festive of wines. Czech Out Louise for crepes

Over French luncheon and dinner with MC and Lea as well as Gama these kind of stories kept stirring me in different time zones ...  "When the fiddle had stopped singing Laura called out softly, 'What are days of auld lang syne, Pa?'
"'They are the days of a long time ago, Laura,' Pa said. 'Go to sleep, now.'
"But Laura lay awake a little while, listening to Pa's fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods. She looked at Pa sitting on the bench by the hearth, the firelight gleaming on his brown hair and beard and glistening on the honey-brown fiddle. She looked at Ma, gently rocking and knitting.
"She thought to herself, 'This is now.'
"She was glad that the cosy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago."
_?Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods (courtesy of The Rat)