Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.
-Walter Anderson

Chances are when you're wandering around your local store doing your weekly grocery shop there are brands you gravitate to. BBC food journalist Alex Riley recently dug deep into the emotional connection we have with our favorite food brands, and with two simple experiments he confirmed what we've known for some time... Familiar Faces

Lisa Lindblad is the au courant specialist to watch with one foot in the world of rarefied media dragons and the other in that get-there-first travel adventure as Linda is the source of amazing ideas and resource for the authentic, surprising experiences every sole survivor wants these days … Willing Foot: I am the Cold River, You are the Sea

Google for Media Dragons Giant Leaps for Mankind
So if you're hungry, don't just grab food, grab a book and chow down with Books & Nooks At Books & Nooks we have paired our two favourite pastimes ‘reading and dining out’ to bring you a delicious new book club experience.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more, then Books & Nooks could be your literary lifesaver. This is a book club like no other: they’ll deliver a beautifully wrapped title to your door and then tempt you to actually read it with the promise of intelligent discussion in fabulous surrounds with top food and the odd cocktail. Books are like children: after all the love and attention, they swim or fly the coop and have independent lives

Coda: Mirek saw a rather odd t-shirt stating – I do not need to google as my wife knows everything!
odd cocktail ; NASA is an ideas factory Giant Leaps for Mankind [If It Is Too Inconvenient, I'm Not Going After It: Research Links ; Convenience as a Critical Factor in Information-seeking Behavior ]
• · This is a series of posts highlighting people and projects that we encounter during our travels that are doing the hard work of changing the world for the better. Tash on her Publishing Journey: I am the Cold River, You are the Sea; Be the Change: Malachi Leopold and his story of reunited love; From Twitter to Facebook, from blogging to YouTube, his company is responsible for making sure the campaign maintains a. high profile on the Internet
• · · The US immigration story is different from Australia's but some political challenges are the same Immigration: the political elephant in Canberra and Washington; The population problem won't be solved until we break the capitalist paradigm Dick Smith on growth; emphatically yes...and no
• · · · "Information taken from this site should be cited as Alvaredo, Facundo, Anthony B. Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez, The World Top Incomes Database, dd/mm/yyyy. We advise making explicit reference to the date when the database was consulted, as the statistics may change. The specific country chapters and papers should also be cited. (Select Countries, Select Years, Select Variables - populated as choices are made): The World Top Incomes Database; Kristinn Hrafnsson opened the case for the proposition ''WikiLeaks is a force for good' …. Suelette Dreyfus, a University of Melbourne academic who wrote Underground in collaboration with the website's founder, Julian Assange, said WikiLeaks was a necessary addition to the array of checks and balances on power. The evidence has shown that the watchdogs and the agencies of democracy aren't enough on their own The debate is over: we heart WikiLeaks as force for good; The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog -- Special Weekend Edition!
• · · · · In a catch-me-if-you-can explanation of why it has targeted the likes of Sony, the US Senate, an FBI affiliate, and online porn sites, the LulzSec hacking group says it plans to keep having fun until it gets caught 4 Things WikiLeaks Taught Us About Document Security ; The hacking free-for-all continued this week as Sega apparently became the latest victim of a network breach and none other than hacking group LulzSec offered to help the game company by taking down the responsible parties After Sega gets hacked, LulzSec offers to seek revenge; LulzSec leaks 62,000 emails and passwords ; Miller said that companies were rushing to put all of their information into the internet "cloud" without understanding that by connecting their databases to the internet they were exposing themselves to risks of serious attacks
• · · · · · There's no doubt that the ground is shaking underneath what we used to think of as journalism. The politics of literary boycotts; There's a thin line between sex and politics Journalism Shedding Its Old Mass Media Skin ; In fact, there are serious doubts as to her location and even identity, and many are suggesting her entire persona as an American-born Syrian blogging live from the revolution was an elaborate hoax. Male lesbians: just one type of creepy online fakery