Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heath Aston interviews Bruce Hawker who believes O'Farrell's team underestimates Secord at its peril: I think he will be a real front-footer. He's a big man but he's highly energetic. I'd be surprised if he didn't find his way into the shadow ministry very early on. Robbo and co. will be listening to what he has to say because there was no one better at dealing with the press gallery than Walt

He was creative, says Hawker. He could always muster up a [positive] story from virtually nothing. You need someone like that in government. He had the energy to trawl through the Government Gazette and find things others had missed. The Trolley of Truth; Patrick Low, the former press secretary to Education Minister John Aquilina, told the commission he was pressured by Mr Carr's press secretary, Walter Secord, to shore up a rumour the 15-year-old had access to a gun because it would make a better

Who Feeds the Watchdogs: The Power of the Crowd Sources of Truths & Pravda: Crisis what crisis?
We need to keep the press from being absorbed into The Media. This means keeping the word press, which is antiquated. But included under its modern umbrella should be all who do the serious work in journalism, regardless of the technology used. The people who will invent the next press in America--and who are doing it now online--continue an experiment at least 250 years old. It has a powerful social history and political legend attached.

Mark Pearson and Roger Patching of Bond University have published a literature review, "Government media relations: A 'Spin' through the literature", a terrific resource for researchers and students interested in what, unfortunately, have become the dark arts of access to, and communication of, government information.

Dark arts of spin and related topics; Rosen's presentation bemoaned the fact that professional journalists are not harnessing the power of the crowd [ The perpetual development in technology creates a plethora of jobs for us media folk; the problem arises when we, as first years, must choose just one. So, after much deliberation and a bit of guesswork it appears I’m following in the family footsteps and choosing a career in Public Relations. Government media relations: A 'spin' through the literature; If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on Public Relations]
• · Media Advisers - Shadow players in political communication; Crikey ; How does Wikileaks effect journalism? Crime ethics;
• · · When I say a huge army, I mean a really massive number of them. It feels like there are at least 50 PRs to each journalist; At first glance, I’m surprised anyone would question the value PR professionals provide for journalists. Do Journalists Need PR Professionals Anymore?
• · · · Journalists will always highlight the wrongdoings of anyone else in the society, but when it comes to their own community, they unite and act as mafia.; Media Coverage of Corruption
• · · · · New Manual; Wendy Bacon, a former journalist with Fairfax and now a professor of journalism, admitted in The Australian (24 January 1999) that Jim McClelland confessed to her and others that the late Lionel Murphy, Labor Party hero and High Court Judge, had been corrupt. Media lies and corruption
• · · · · · Investigative journalism; “Crisis what crisis?” was Fifa President’s reaction to a journalist’s question at a press conference called by the football’s governing body yesterday. Crisis what crisis?

Coda: Most people (even many who work on the brain) assume that what you see is pretty much what your eye sees and reports to your brain. In fact, your brain adds very substantially to the report it gets from your eye, so that a lot of what you see is actually "made up" by the brain. Seeing more than your eye does
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