Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Saturday, as NSW goes to the polls, it might seem like the election is already decided.

But in the Upper House, the balance of power could be decided by just a few hundred votes, and extreme candidates like Pauline Hanson, Fred Nile and the Shooters Party could end up with the balance of power. John Hatton

Why? Because the NSW voting system means that millions of votes don't actually count toward the final tally of who gets elected! In NSW, your vote can actually 'expire'. If you don't allocate preferences, and your first preference candidate doesn't get elected, you have no say at all in the final count. That's why it's important to indicate multiple preferences.

Do your friends and family know this? Don't let them waste their vote. Check out our fun video below explaining how to make your vote count - and pass it on to your friends and family before Saturday.
Upper House NSW your vote