Sunday, March 13, 2011

"In societies with fewer opportunities for amusement, it was also easier to tell a mere wish from a real desire. If, in order to hear some music, a man has to wait for six months and then walk twenty miles, it is easy to tell whether the words, 'I should like to hear some music,' mean what they appear to mean, or merely, 'At this moment I should like to forget myself.' When all he has to do is press a switch, it is more difficult. He may easily come to believe that wishes can come true."
=W.H. Auden, "Interlude: West's Disease"

Old Fitzroy Short Films screens on the third Thursday of each month upstairs at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomooloo starting 7:30pm. Denisa ;

Anyone who has read, watched, or listened to the news has an idea of what Koppel is worried about. The election cycle just behind us was dominated by very bitter views and accusations, on issues likely to matter very little in the long run = Learning to Love the (Shallow, Divisive, Unreliable) New Media

Three cheers for storytelling Storytelling Wins
Three cheers for storytelling. The triumph of The King’s Speech at The Oscars underlined the virtues of story, characters, and performance.

Not many films have greatness in all these ingredients. I’d seen Tom Hooper's recent film The Damned United about as the legendary English football manager Brian Clough, so I knew what he was capable of in these departments. Notwithstanding Colin Firth’s Oscar-worthy acting, I didn’t give too much of a toss about George VI’s triumph over his stammer – the Royals having so much going for them in the first place – but I did cherish the “downunder does good” element of the common man triumphing over improbable odds. Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, brooks no airs when dealing with Palace protocols. He’s a man who knows what he’s about; stands his ground with humor and grace; and has an unconventional practicality about getting to an outcome. These are the qualities that Antipodeans bring to their work. In New Zealand we have a saying “winning the world from the edge” and that is just what Lionel Logue did.

Blunt Talk Is Not Always Straight; [ Push polling; Damien Murphy The leaders' debate ]
• · Anyone who has read, watched, or listened to the news has an idea of what Koppel is worried about. The election cycle just behind us was dominated by very bitter views and accusations, on issues likely to matter very little in the long run Secret Fears of the Super-Rich …When to Get Your Wallet Out; If only Britain had something comparable to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution then we'd enjoy greater freedoms than is currently the case. Three cheers, then, to Bagehot for defending liberalism and liberty from the predations of the law and, naturally, the Sun newspaper. Even Goons Have the Right to Freedom of Speech. Especially Goons, in Fact
• · · COACHING FOR CATALYSTS: Creating Great Coaching Moments ; Bending and breaking the rules has become an accepted part of business culture, with both bosses and employees guilty of misbehaving. However, the repercussions of making them clean up their acts may be more costly than anticipated, suggests Stephen Ackroyd, co-author of the book, Organisational Misbehaviour and a professor of organisational analysis at Lancaster University Management School in the UK Organisational culture: look who's misbehaving now
• · · · Greater innovation is almost a universal aspiration, yet companies often underestimate how different the mindset, processes and organizational structures supporting innovation need to be Innovative thinking; Transferring organizational practices requires an understanding not only of what is being transferred but also of what is needed to ensure that the transfer is successful. In line with this thinking, the purpose of this study is to examine three factors that are crucial parts of this mechanism: use of teams, culture, and capacity The role of teams, culture, and capacity in the transfer of organizational practices
• · · · · Are passwords past their use-by date? How Apple and Google will kill the password ; Check to see if your website and/or domain is banned by the Google Search Engine.We will also check if your website and/or domain is banned by Google AdSense Google banned check ; Gabbie
• · · · · · Civil Liberties and Industry Groups Release Cybersecurity White Paper; To Net prophets like Clay Shirky, there is little about the Web that is not benign. But cyberutopianism is at odds with economic reality. Welcome to the digital plantation cyberutopianism The Internet isn’t making you stupid or unhappy or less productive. But it might be subverting your creativit Smarter, Happier, More Productive Biological and cyberwars are stealth businesses. Fingerprints are rare; the perpetrators often unknown. Does retaliation have a future? The New Virology