Monday, June 07, 2010

What happens to the people who unwittingly find themselves at the centre of a media scrum? From the blogger who inspired a "web hate frenzy" to the Glasgow baggage handler who thwarted a terrorist attack, five people talk about fleeting fame and what happens when the spotlight is turned off 15 minutes of fame

THE disgraced former policeman Roger ''the Dodger'' Rogerson writes a blog on which he fields questions about people with whom he has associated and their fictional counterparts on shows such as Underbelly. Rogerson blogs Bumper issue

Strengths and Weaknesses of Blogs Citizen 'journalism' not yet a threat
E mulating Britain's writing awards might improve political journalism The Orwell Prizes have become Britain’s most prestigious awards for political writing. About 400 people gathered for the presentations. The winners are kept secret until they are announced. The London room was filled with journalists from all over Great Britain. This year, 212 books were entered for the Book Prize, 85 journalists for the Journalism Prize, and 164 bloggers for the Blog Prize

The good news for the professional news industry is that the researchers found citizen journalism websites (news and blog sites) are presently not viable substitutes for daily newspaper sites. Only 25 % of the amateur sites published on a daily basis. Even if they do have daily postings, they tended to have significantly fewer news items, which the study attributes to the inherent budgetary constraints of most models of citizen journalism that have surfaced thus far.

Media and blogs [We have a tradition of dirty politics and especially dirty politics right before an election ... He says blogs have strengths and weaknesses ; Australian journalism student boosts first-job hunt with social media campaign Tom Cowie launched the 'Tom wants a job' website ]
• · All Media Is Local; Colleen Newvine, MBA '05, is the consummate storyteller. She began her career as a newspaper reporter, and today she continues to share tales of interesting people doing interesting things through freelance writing and her widely read blog, Newvine Growing. But her position as head of market research for the Associated Press (AP) requires her to tell stories from an unconventional source — numbers - A spreadsheet is similar to an interview with a source. I look at it and ask what story it's trying to tell me. Then I communicate that story to the people who need to know it Every Number Tells a Story
• · · One blog, which is based on openness of information has become the most popular website in Greece, receiving millions of visitors each day. The blog, is only outvisited by Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, and Blogger The fifth estate: A rogue rodent ; For the past year, we've been considering an interesting problem that confronts media as a whole – the Babel problem Participatory media: for love or money?
• · · · Since I’ve become so famous on The A.V. Club for hating Mark Millar that people assume bad reviews of his work are written by me even when they aren’t, I might as well address the thing he does that drives me so crazy ; It's very empowering getting your opinion out there. For many, other than their vote, it's their only voice. But just because you've had a thought for the first time doesn't mean no one else has ever had that thought. Like teenagers, over time, the newbies will hopefully mature and reserve their comments for salient and well thought-out points and the blogosphere eventually will be richer for that Boors that clog the blogs ; Look who's stalking
• · · · · Rob McKibbin has been a “workplace bully and corruption whistleblower” in South Australia for ten years. His 5000-hits-a-day blog has kept the South Australian government honest over the last year, but it seems the powers that be might have had enough Whistleblower’s blog banned. ; Twitter is my main source of support because it's so instantaneous. From social media to real deal
• · · · · · Day the reptiles rallied to the dopey duchess ; FACEBOOK, everyone's new best friend forever, suddenly knows what it's like to feel the cold hard sting of rejection. Talk to the hand, because Facebook ain't listening; Poor David Campbell. You can only imagine his dismay when the Channel Seven journalist Adam Walters told him on Thursday afternoon that footage would soon be aired on the 6pm news of him coming out of a gay sauna, Ken's at Kensington, ''Sydney's Most Intimate Sex Venue . . . for men who prefer men''. No wonder colleagues reported a loud argument coming from Campbell's office about that time. A family man beyond our ken