Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birtday godson - Kuba (and June)

It is the perpetual dread of fear,
the fear of fear, that shapes
the face of a brave man.
--Georges Bernanos

T here are some real gems among these 21 finalists. Our judges Scott Monty (Ford), Ann Handley (MarketingProfs) and David Meerman Scott (author New Rules of Marketing and PR) are finishing up their reviews of these sites.
Finalists – Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010

Good police need to find a way to get a voice Police investigating police
TThe barrier to proper investigation of police misconduct seems to revolve around a misguided sense of loyalty to fellow officers.
One of the problems is that within the force, these can often be the ones who are the life and soul of the party around the BBQ. They are the ones who trumpet the solidarity line and the “us and them” approach the loudest ...

I loved being a police officer with all its ups and downs, stresses and strains. I have had a few jobs in my time but never one that has taught me so much about life and myself as being a copper.
So it is with incredibly mixed emotions I await the imminent release of the Crime and Misconduct Commission's report on the Queensland Police Service's investigation into the death in custody on Palm Island in 2004.
If the report is as critical as has been leaked, it could be another chance for a defining moment for the Queensland Police Union. For once again they can choose whether to help their members move on to become a professional body or they throw up the barricades, attack their critics and blindly defend those police who have let the majority of their compatriots and the notion of police professionalism down badly.

It is not police it is community who does policing [After being the resident band for Pete Isaacs legendary Jelly Jazz parties, The Underbelly are now ready to detonate their full potential with two tracks that will knock your socks off and make you wanna dance barefoot. Sasha and Underbelly ; Roxie Ray aka Sasha BBC Six live ; Spain and UK ; The album, which blends a mix of up-tempo raise-the-roof instrumental funk with vocal tracks and summery jazz funk, features the voice of Australian singer Roxie Ray, who sounds not unlike Amy Winehouse or Paloma Faith. Famous Five]
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