Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sydneysiders have woken to a red haze unlike anything seen before by residents or weather experts, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick blanket of dust cloaking the city this morning. Callers flooded talkback radio, others hit social networking sites and scores of emails were received from readers as Sydney residents expressed their amazement at this morning's conditions The dust that dare not speak its name

Sydney dust storm worst in 70 years, says weather bureau. Birds had been blown out of their nests ... Sydney dust storm leads to tactical advertising bonanza

It did feel like Armageddon because when I was in the kitchen looking out the skylight, there was this red, red glow coming through Armageddon

Armageddon Global Warning Eeerie red haze - Havoc in the Political World
We've been living through a leadership failure seldom experienced in our nation's history---matched only by failure to head off the Civil War and failure to anticipate and initially react to the Great Depression. Government, business, religious, financial and social leaders have all let us down.

What's the answer? It lies in recognizing the truth about past sins and dealing the new realities honestly---and where need be---with courage. A lot courage.

Courage; [ We are actually much more than ways to launder money, receive the proceeds of ransoms, or evade lawful taxes in your home country, as Hollywood knows it is much more than that…Don’t cry at political scandal. It could be verse; The names, all linked in some way or other to the biggest political scandal France has seen in years, come from the notebooks of Denis Robert]
• · Safire himself, no stranger to the Nixon White House, popularized the use of "gate" as a suffix for any political scandal. Political Lexicographer; In an uncanny defiance of the usual fallout from a Facebook scandal, it didn't seem to really dent the young politician's rise to stardom. ...Facebook
• · · What was surprising about the show was the fact that it was less about the political scandal and more about the wife who was left to pick up the pieces. 'The Good Wife' review: Well-timed and well-done;
• · · · Besides his dirty campaign tricks, Rove has also been implicated, though never indicted, for various political scandals. When it was leaked to the press Becoming responsibly engaged in the world; Fresh allegations about government misconduct involving a controversial nuclear waste storage facility at Gorleben have rekindled political debate about atomic energy in Germany, just weeks before the country goes to the polls. Media commentators speculate that the issue could affect the national election. German Nuclear Scandal is 'Hair-Raising and Unforgivable'
• · · · · Sure, it's the stuff of holy wars, political scandals, romantic devastation, economic ruin and almost always a guaranteed catalyst of despair. The words “lie,” “truth,” and “honesty” are never uttered in The Invention of Lying, save for the “L”-word’s invocation ; A survey that could be deemed a bit frivolous is nevertheless interesting: CQ asked its readers to rank 10 recent political scandals, from most to ...least scandalous.