Sunday, September 13, 2009

To be or We can be to not to be Mr PWC and I Clark took to heart the latest tourism slogan ... we Lost Ourselves in Melbourne.

A report around the time we invade Melborne that suggested the closure of Melbourne's Manchester Lane -- first reported in this column last week -- was "another blow to Melbourne's dwindling live music scene". Dwindling? Ahhh . . . no. Evidence to the contrary, your honour, will be presented on Saturday at Roxanne Parlour.

Hat tip to bloggers of the Victorian capital for the following links

Happiness is gaining ground. In fact, it’s moving from East to West. Bhutan made famous its focus on Gross National Happiness, not on GDP, and now France wants to include happiness as a key metric for the country.

For change to take real effect, it needs to be personalized Doing One Thing

The paradox of doing 'family' in an e-world means more communication but less togetherness.