Monday, August 03, 2009

When Computers Leave Classrooms, So Does Boredom 'Teaching Naked' at SMU

Hollow Victory The Friday Five: Forecasters and Futurists
The best forecasters and futurists in the Boston area.

From Cambridge-based Forrester Research, a collection of blogs on everything from data security to interactive marketing to consumer products. My two favorites are Forrester CEO George Colony's blog, and Josh Bernoff's blog on social technologies.

Social technologies; [As media giants band together to reinvent themselves in the digital age, potentially sharing everything from online video sites to DVD distribution, they have to be careful not to raise antitrust hackles. Hollywood dealmaking risks antitrust scrutiny; Best Job in the World” winner Ben Southall, who's being paid to promote Australia's tropical islands, is under fire for his online diary, with followers saying it sheds little light on what a Abnormal tourist would experience ]
• · Coolest Gadget Winner ; How a Pulitzer Winner Prepared for a Chron Buyout
• · Checkout' Girl Cashes In With Best-Selling Memoir Blog: Where Are They Now?; Knowing your checkout chicks and neighbors best way to fight crime ; Google on Crime; Wealthy shift tax burden to others
• · · It's pretty amazing what passes for good news these days as a Top Internet Marketing Blog; Joys Of Being A Blogger – My Ex-Wife Was Nicer To Me!
• · · · Ask my Millennial: Know your blog's audience; There was a time in this country when a company reporting a few billion in earnings could count its money while basking in polite, reverent applause Windfalls for Bankers, Resentments for the Rest
• · · · · The bad old days of bull semen partnerships may not return, but I suspect the financial Merlins are already cooking up new shelters for what promises to be a booming new market ; The joint Lords and Commons Human Rights Committee has waded in to support freelance IT contractors hit by tax demands going back up to seven years, following the retrospective closure of a £200m tax avoidance scheme
• · · · · · is a new jobs website which promotes "work for a better world" – it connects people looking for an ethical job or career with employers from the not-for-profit, business & government sectors who see their organisations as contributing to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world; While the various wars on drugs have failed as a public policy, they have often succeeded as a political strategy ; The jobs of the future are beginning to be shaped right now, in the world of work, On the track of ignorance ; Nothing has prepared today's leaders for the current economic situation. As a result, managers who were once balanced and poised are being knocked off their feet, with their teams feeling the brunt of their increasingly ineffective behaviour Managing during the downturn ; Company politics, stonewalling, layoffs - sometimes it's part and parcel of the security job. Here are one CISO's takeaways. Surviving layoffs: five career lessons from the security trenches